Rhinolophus thomasi, Andersen, 1905

Andersen, Knud, 1905, On some Bats of the Genus Rhinolophus, with Remarks on their Mutual Affinities, and Descriptions of Twenty-six new Forms., Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 2, pp. 75-145 : 100-101

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Rhinolophus thomasi

sp. nov.

12. Rhinolophus thomasi View in CoL View at ENA , sp. n.

(Plate III. fig. 10.)

Rhinolophus affinis rouxi? View in CoL (non Temin.), Thomas, Ann. Mus. Civ. Genova (2) x. (1892) p. 15, pl. xi. fig. 3.

Diagnosis. Allied to Rh. rouxi , but p2 external to the tooth-row. Smaller than rouXi , with considerably shorter metacarpals, and the tip of the lancet excessively shortened. Third metacarpal 30’4-31 mm. Forearm 44 8-45'7 mm.

Details. While being similar to Rh. rouXi in the shape of the sella and the ears, and the proportionate length of the tail, Rh. thomasi differs, externally, from that species in the following

particulars: —

The horse-shoe is considerably narrower; it is even narrower than in the smaller borneensis and in the much smaller malayanus . The tip of the lancet is exceedingly short, almost rudimentary; it is the hastate lancet of rouXi carried to an extreme.

The general size is smaller, as seen by the measurements of the forearm. But the metacarpals are proportionately much shorter, as short as in the much smaller malayanus . III.2 is comparatively longer than in rouxi , i. e. more than 4 the length of III. ( cf. nereis and stheno ). V.2 is extremely short.

Colour. To judge from specimens preserved in alcohol, probably not far from being the same as in the dark phase of Nepal examples of Rh. rouXi .

Skull. The essential characters are as in rouXi , thus proving Rh. thomasi to be an offshoot from that type of Bat, not (as might very well be supposed, in view of the short metacarpals) fioni borneensis . The skull of Rh. thomasi agrees with that of rouXi in the broad brain-case; it differs from rouXi in the much smaller size. Compared with borneensis , the skull of Rh. thomasi is as small as in the smallest individuals I have seen of borneensis (even as small as in malayanus ), but the brain-case is markedly broader, even broader than in the largest borneensis , and the supraorbital length is exceedingly short (cf. measurements, p. 100).

Dentition. p3 external; p2 and p4 in contact; p2 eXternal. Upper canine and, p 1 in contact. Both of the specimens examined are identical in dentition.

Measurements. On p. 100.

Type. ♀ ad. (in alcohol). Karin Hills , Burma, 1888. Collected by Signor Leonardo Fea . Presented by Marquis G. Doria. Brit. Mus. no.

I venture to connect with this fine species the name of Mr. Oldfield Thomas, who already thirteen years ago (I. s. c.) pointed out that it could scarcely be identified with any hitherto known form, but refrained from describing it as new, owing to the cenerai confused state of this group of Bats.













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