Oribatula interrupta ( Willmann, 1939 ),

Ivan, O., 2013, Genus Oribatula S. Str. Berlese, 1896 (Oribatida, Oribatulidae) In Romanian Fauna, Acarologia 7 (2), pp. 175-184: 180

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http://doi.org/ 10.1051/acarologia/20132086



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Oribatula interrupta ( Willmann, 1939 )


Oribatula interrupta ( Willmann, 1939) 

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Literature — Willmann (1939), Weigmann (2006), Bayartogtokh (2010).

Material examined — 7- 11 specimens each of 3 populations from the Eastern Carpathians (subalpine meadow and shrubs, saxicolous habitat with lichens)  .

Diagnosis — Species of medium size (Table 1), yellowish coloured. Tegument without apparent ornamentation. Prodorsum with a prominent rostral tectum, like a naso. Lamella wide, ribbon shaped, with the apex truncate; thickened lines, medially directed can be observed, as is an interrupted translamella. Prodorsal setae robust and barbed. Sensillus fusiform clavate, with rounded tip. Notogaster oval, with 13 pairs of notogastral setae, simple and short ( Table 2). Areae porosae round, Aa larger than the remaining ones. Epimeral and genito-anal regions with characteristic configuration for the genus and with typical chaetotaxy.

Distribution and autecology — Holarctic species ( Subias 2004). In Romania this species was recorded as Oribatula alpina Schweizer, 1956  in different mountain ecosystems, including subalpine and alpine ones, especially from the Eastern Carpathians ( Vasiliu et al. 1993).