Ophiactis abyssicola ( M. Sars, 1861 ), M. Sars, 1861

Rodrigues, Clara F., Paterson, Gordon L. J., Cabrinovic, Andrew & Cunha, Marina R., 2011, Deep-sea ophiuroids (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea: Ophiurida) from the Gulf of Cadiz (NE Atlantic), Zootaxa 2754, pp. 1-26: 11

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.276727

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Ophiactis abyssicola ( M. Sars, 1861 )


Ophiactis abyssicola ( M. Sars, 1861)  

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Material examined. Captain Arutyunov MV, MSM01-03, stn 195, 3 inds. ( DBUA 001064.01).

Ecology and distribution. This is an Atlantic species known from a wide bathymetric range (125–4721 m) from Norway to southern Africa ( Paterson 1985). In the Gulf of Cadiz it was collected from a coral thicket ( Dendrophylia cf. alternata   , mostly dead branches with a few living polyps) in a single station at the flanks of Captain Arutyunov MV (1390 m) together with Ophiopristis gadensis   sp. nov., Ophiacantha aristata   and Amphioplus hexabrachiatus   .


Zoological Collection of the Biology Department, University of the Azores