Cothurnia maritima Ehrenberg, 1838

Chatterjee, Tapas, Dovgal, Igor & Fernandez-Leborans, Gregorio, 2021, A checklist of ciliates (Ciliophora) inhabiting on cnidarians, Zootaxa 5039 (2), pp. 151-178: 166

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Cothurnia maritima Ehrenberg, 1838


Cothurnia maritima Ehrenberg, 1838  

Record as epibiont on cnidarians: This species was reported on hydroids from the Barents Sea near Murmansk, Russia ( Jankowski 2007).

Record as epibiont on other hosts/substrata: This species was found attached to a variety of substrates ( Warren & Paynter 1991); recently was found on oligochaete Tubificoides sp.   from Bosporus Strait’s outlet area of the Black Sea ( Sergeeva & Dovgal 2014).