Diplommatina fistulata Budha & Naggs,

Budha, Prem B., Naggs, Fred & Backeljau, Thierry, 2017, The genus Diplommatina Benson, 1849 (Gastropoda: Caenogastropoda: Diplommatinidae) in Nepal, with the description of seven new species, European Journal of Taxonomy 337, pp. 1-30: 8-9

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Diplommatina fistulata Budha & Naggs

sp. nov.

Diplommatina fistulata Budha & Naggs  sp. nov.


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Measurements (n = 10): SH 3.0– 3.3 mm, SW 1.5–1.8 mm, Wh 6.5–7.5; holotype: SH 3.3 mm, SW 2.0 mm, Wh 7.5. Dextral, body whorl narrower than penultimate whorl. Constriction at the middle of the parietal lip ( Fig. 9CView Fig). Parietalis long and very strong ( Fig. 3C3View Fig). Two vertical palatalis: a stronger Vpt1 along the constriction and a short Vpt2 running parallel to Vpt1 above the parietal wall ( Fig. 9CView Fig). No horizontal palatalis. Columellaris prominent. Columellar tooth strong. Protoconch smooth, Wh 2.0, with minute pits scattered over the surface ( Fig. 3CView Fig 1View Fig). Teleoconch with dense radial ribs; 9–11 ribs/ 0.5 mm on the penultimate whorl; 15–20 ribs/ 0.5 mm on the body whorl towards the aperture ( Fig. 3CView Fig 2View Fig, C 4View Fig). Distinct dorsal fold at base of body whorl, running towards the aperture ( Fig. 3CView Fig 4View Fig). Spiral striation present. Umbilical perforation visible, but umbilicus seems to be closed by the reflected edge of the columellar lip. Aperture ear-shaped, parietal wall oblique with regard to the coiling axis; peristome with two close lips; inner lip thickened and forming a thick callus over the parietal wall; under high magnification 12–15 highly dense ribs visible between the lips. Operculum paucispiral, corneous, thin, outer surface smooth, inner surface with thick peripheral circular edge.


The species name refers to the tube-like structure of the dorsal fold on the body whorl just behind the aperture.

Type material


NEPAL: Phulchowki Hill , Lalitpur District, 2308–2483 m, 27.574557 N, 85.400842 E, 4 May 2007, P.B. Budha leg. ( CDZMTU025).



NEPAL: 5 shells from the type locality, same data as holotype ( CDZMTU 026); 4 shells, Baghdwar, Shivapuri-Nagarjun National Park, 2326 m, 27.8131 N, 85.4217 E, 22 Jun. 2007, P.B. Budha leg. ( CDZMTU 027a); 8 shells, Baghdwar area, Shivapuri-Nagarjun National Park, 2412–2502 m, 27.8233 N, 85.3877 E, 24–25 Apr. 2008, R. Devkota and P.B. Budha leg. ( CDZMTU 027b); 2 shells, Dhunche, Langtang National Park, 2056 m, 28.1087 N, 85.2916 E, 3–4 Jun. 2007, P.B. Budha leg. ( CDZMTU 057).


Diplommatina fistulata  sp. nov. resembles the NE Indian D. pachycheilus  , from which it differs by its distinct dorsal fold behind the aperture, smaller size and more slender shape.