Diplommatina Benson, 1849,

Budha, Prem B., Naggs, Fred & Backeljau, Thierry, 2017, The genus Diplommatina Benson, 1849 (Gastropoda: Caenogastropoda: Diplommatinidae) in Nepal, with the description of seven new species, European Journal of Taxonomy 337, pp. 1-30: 4-6

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Diplommatina Benson, 1849


Genus Diplommatina Benson, 1849 

Type species: Bulimus folliculus L. Pfeiffer, 1846  .


Height 1.3–8.0 mm. Sinistral or dextral; translucent (whitish in general). Protoconch generally smooth without radial ribs, but with evenly distributed minute pits all over. Teleoconch with radial ribs; spiral striation present or absent. Constriction at, near, or far apart from the parietal wall of the aperture.

Internally ornamented with parietal and palatal lamellae and a columellaris. Columellar tooth strong, weak or absent. Aperture usually circular. Peristome with two lips. Operculum paucispiral.

Type locality

Pfeiffer (1846) described this species based on T. Hutton’s material and erroneously mentioned “Bengal” as its type locality. The type material came from the vicinity of Simla (Himachal Pradesh, India), where T. Hutton lived and where most of his material was collected ( Godwin-Austen 1886).