Diplommatina shivapuriensis Budha & Backeljau,

Budha, Prem B., Naggs, Fred & Backeljau, Thierry, 2017, The genus Diplommatina Benson, 1849 (Gastropoda: Caenogastropoda: Diplommatinidae) in Nepal, with the description of seven new species, European Journal of Taxonomy 337, pp. 1-30: 19-20

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Diplommatina shivapuriensis Budha & Backeljau

sp. nov.

Diplommatina shivapuriensis Budha & Backeljau  sp. nov.


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Measurements (n = 8): SH 2.5–3.0 mm, SW 1.2–1.3 mm, Wh 6.5–7.0; holotype: SH 2.9 mm, SW 1.4 mm, Wh 6.5. Dextral, penultimate and body whorl nearly equal, constriction at the middle of the parietal lip ( Fig. 9LView Fig). Two parietalis: Prt1 long and well developed; Prt2 short and hardly visible ( Fig. 7CView Fig 3View Fig). One vertical palatalis along the constriction. One horizontal palatalis before the constriction, just above the umbilicus ( Fig. 9LView Fig). Columellaris prominent. Protoconch smooth, Wh approx. 2.0, with minute pits evenly distributed, no radial ribs ( Fig. 7CView Fig 1View Fig). Teleoconch with radial ribs; about 8–10 ribs/ 0.5 mm on the penultimate whorl; 10–13 ribs/ 0.5 mm on the body whorl towards the aperture ( Fig. 7CView Fig 2View Fig, C 4View Fig). Spiral striation present. Umbilicus closed. Aperture circular. Peristome slightly curved at AeP, two lips, closer at angular edge. Parietal lip of the peristome slightly raised. Both lips slightly reflected. Operculum paucispiral, corneous, thin, transparent, slightly concave, outer surface smooth, inner surface with weakly raised peripheral circular edge.


The species name refers to the Shivapuri peak from where it was collected.

Type material


NEPAL: Shivapuri-Nagarjun National Park , 200 m below Shivapuri peak above Baghdwar, 2500 m, 27.813284 N, 85.387712 E. 25 Apr. 2008, P.B. Budha leg. ( CDZMTU048).



NEPAL: 50 shells from the type locality, same data as holotype ( CDZMTU 049); 6 shells from Deurali, Phobrang, Langtang National Park, 3247 m, 28.1057 N, 85.3263 E, 6 Jun. 2007, P.B. Budha leg. ( CDZMTU 049b).


Diplommatina shivapuriensis  sp. nov. is similar to D. sherfaiensis Godwin-Austen, 1870  from Sherborsip, Jaintia Hill, India (RBINS Dautzenberg collection I.G. 10591, 6 shells). Yet, D. shivapuriensis  sp. nov. has a thinner shell, with a constriction in the middle (in D. sherfaiensis  the constriction is more towards the columellar edge). The horizontal palatalis is widely separated from the parietal wall in D. sherfaiensis  (see image ID 1903.7.1.2254 at www.nhm.ac.uk), but closer to the parietal wall in D. shivapuriensis  sp. nov.