Macrocybe titans (H.E. Bigelow & Kimbr.) Pegler, Lodge & Nakasone

de la Fuente, Javier Isaac, García-Jiménez, Jesús, López, Caribell Yuridia, Oros-Ortega, Iván, Vela-Hernández, Reyna Yazuly, Guevara-Guerrero, Gonzalo, Garza Ocañas, Fortunato, Chay Casanova, Jesús Antonio, Ibarra Garibay, León Esteban & Bandala, Victor Manuel, 2020, An annotated checklist of the macrofungi (Ascomycota, Basidiomycota, and Glomeromycota) from Quintana Roo, Mexico, Check List 16 (3), pp. 627-648 : 644

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Macrocybe titans (H.E. Bigelow & Kimbr.) Pegler, Lodge & Nakasone


Macrocybe titans (H.E. Bigelow & Kimbr.) Pegler, Lodge & Nakasone

Material studied. MEXICO - Quintana Roo • J.I. de la Fuente and Quintal Palomo 299 ( ITCV); Kohunlich; 18°25′N, 088°47′W; alt. 120 m; 12 Sep. 2017 GoogleMaps .

Habit and habitat. Caespitose on humus in evergreen tropical forest.

Identification. This species can be identified by the big size of its basidiomata, the caespitose habit, the crowded white lamellae, and the thick stipe with brown scales. Microscopically it is distinguished by the globose spores, 5.9–8.3 × 4.3–5.9 µm, the ventricose cheilocystidia, the lack of pleurocystidia, and the presence of clamp-connections. Our material agrees with the description provided by Guzmán and Piepenbring (2011) but presents smaller cystidia.


Instituto Tecnológico de Ciudad Victoria