Scamaphis Karg

Mašán, Peter & Halliday, Bruce, 2010, Review of the European genera of Eviphididae (Acari: Mesostigmata) and the species occurring in Slovakia 2585, Zootaxa 2585, pp. 1-122: 75-76

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Scamaphis Karg


Genus Scamaphis Karg  

Scamaphis Karg, 1976: 2   . Type species Scamaphis exanimis Karg, 1976   [= Copriphis (Pelethiphis) equestris Berlese, 1911   ], by original designation.

Diagnosis (female). Dorsal idiosoma ( Fig. 137). Idiosoma dorso-ventrally flattened, oblong, with inconspicuous flat vertex. Dorsal shield entire, widest anteriorly, narrowed medially and posteriorly, slightly constricted medially, not covering lateral and posteromarginal idiosoma, delicately reticulate over whole surface, with 27 pairs of setae; setae J1 and S1 absent, s6 outside shield. Dorsal setae all needle-like, smooth and pointed, uniform in length except z1, J2, J3, J5 conspicuously shorter; vertical setae j1 needle-like. Pore-like structures small and subcircular.

Ventral idiosoma ( Fig. 138). Presternal platelets, weakly sclerotised, fused to form one transversely striate plate, completely fused to anterior margin of sternal shield. Sternal shield oblong, weakly sclerotised, smooth, with three pairs of setae and two pairs of pores; first pair of pores small, slit-like, second pair larger and suboval. Endopodal platelets II–III completely fused to sternal shield, endopodal platelets III–IV free in soft integument. Metasternal platelets very small, each bearing metasternal seta st4 and adjacent pore. Epigynal shield reticulated, with a pair of genital setae; genital pores placed in soft integument; post-genital sclerites absent. Anal shield subtriangular, with weak ornamentation and three subequal setae. Exopodal platelets I–IV present, narrow and curved. Metapodal platelets small, oval. Peritrematal shields strongly reduced, present only along anterior section of peritremes, fused to anterolateral margins of dorsal shield ( Fig. 146); peritremes very short, anterior ends not reaching middle of coxae II. Dorsolateral and opisthogastric integument simply striated, with ten pairs of setae (excluding s6).

Gnathosoma   . Palptarsus without paired macroeupathidia. Movable digit of chelicerae with one subdistal tooth ( Fig. 87). Epistome with elongated central projection and wing-like lateral elements, densely serrated on distal margin ( Fig. 103).

Legs. Setation of legs I-II-III-IV: coxae 2-2-2-1, trochanters 6-5-5-5, femora 13-11-6-6, genua 11-11-8-7 and tibiae 11-10-7-7 ( Table 3)..

Notes on the genus. Scamaphis   is a monotypic European genus, with the single known species reported from the British Isles, Scandinavia, Germany, Poland and Slovakia. Male remains unknown. The other species described in this genus, Scamaphis guyimingi Ma 1997   , was transferred to the genus Metacryptoseius   by Kazemi et al. (2008).












Scamaphis Karg

Mašán, Peter & Halliday, Bruce 2010


Karg, W. 1976: 2