Echinoderes gizoensis Thormar & Sørensen, 2010, Thormar & Sorensen, 2010

Sørensen, Martin V., Goetz, Freya E., Herranz, María, Chang, Cheon Young, Chatterjee, Tapas, Durucan, Furkan, Neves, Ricardo C., Yildiz, N. Özlem, Norenburg, Jon & Yamasaki, Hiroshi, 2020, Description, redescription and revision of sixteen putatively closely related species of Echinoderes (Kinorhyncha: Cyclorhagida), with the proposition of a new species group - the Echinoderes dujardinii group, European Journal of Taxonomy 730, pp. 1-101: 26

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Echinoderes gizoensis Thormar & Sørensen, 2010


Echinoderes gizoensis Thormar & Sørensen, 2010  

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SOLOMON ISLANDS • 1 ♀; Ghizo Island , Grand Central Station diving locality ; 08°00′49″ S, 156°45′26″ E; 14 m b.s.l.; 4 Jan. 2007; J. Thormar leg.; coral sand; NHMD-099742. Specimen mounted for LM. GoogleMaps  


SOLOMON ISLANDS • 1 ♀, 1 ♂; same collection data as for holotype; NHMD-099743 to 099744. Specimens mounted for SEM. See Table 1 View Table 1 for an overview GoogleMaps   .


All details followed the original description by Thormar & Sørensen (2010), hence, we would only address two additional points. First of all, we can confirm the absence of glandular cell outlets type 2 in this species. Secondly, we can confirm the presence of female papillae in ventromedial positions on segment 7. They consist of circular openings, and quite broad, sort of rhomboid tubular intracuticular substructures. Tergal extensions of segment 11 are pointed, and extending into long, flexible seta-like tips, formed by a terminal fringe. Sternal extensions are rounded, without any particular fringe differentiation.