Kweilingia divina (Syd.) Buriticá, Revista Soc. Colomb. Ci. Nat.

Tabe, Affoussatou, Aime, M. Catherine, Yorou, Nourou Soulemane & Piepenbring, Meike, 2022, New records and data on rust fungi (Pucciniales, Basidiomycota) in Benin, Phytotaxa 548 (2), pp. 127-145 : 130-131

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Kweilingia divina (Syd.) Buriticá, Revista Soc. Colomb. Ci. Nat.


Kweilingia divina (Syd.) Buriticá, Revista Soc. Colomb. Ci. Nat. 22 (no. 84): 330 (1998)

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Uredinia amphigenous, individual or in groups, associated with brown lesions surrounded by an orange-yellow halo. Urediniospores broadly ellipsoidal to ellipsoidal, sometimes subglobose, or oblong, (22–)23–30 × (15–)17–22(– 25) µm (n = 30), light brown to hyaline, wall 1–2 µm thick, echinulate, germ pores indistinct. Paraphyses curved, (22–)28–48(–57) × (6–)8–10(–12) µm (n = 15), hyaline or brownish yellow, wall smooth, 2 µm thick. Telia not observed.

A 28S rDNA sequence from the specimen of Kweilingia divina from Benin shares 100% (893/894 bp) sequence identity with previously published sequences of K. divina (e.g. MG907215 View Materials , Aime et al. 2018).

Specimen examined: — Uredinia on Bambusa vulgaris : BENIN. Zou: Zogbodomey, Lokoli river , elev. 50 m, 7°02’ N, 2°11’ E, 11 August 2017, A GoogleMaps . Tabé , M . Piepenbring, participants of Summer School 2017, TA403 ( UNIPAR), GenBank Acc. no. LSU: OL 437023 View Materials .

Host and distribution in Benin: —Uredinia on Bambusa vulgaris Schrad. ex J.C. Wendl. ( Poaceae ), Southern Benin.

Host species:—Primary host species: Bambusa spp. , Dendrocalamus spp. , Gigantochloa apus (Schult. & Schult.f.) Kurz, Guadua latifolia (Bonpl.) Kunth , Ochlandra spp. , Oxytenanthera sp. , Thyrsostachys spp. ; Poaceae . Secondary host species: Randia brandisii (Wight & Arn.) Gamble , R. candolleana Wight & Arn. , R. dumetorum (Retz.) Poir. , R. uliginosa (Retz.) Poir. , Randia sp. ; Rubiaceae ( Gautam & Avasthi 2018) .

Distribution: —Africa [ Ivory Coast ( Yen 1976a), Nigeria ( Eboh 1985), Benin (this study)], Asia, Central America, North America, Oceania, South America (Farr & Rossman 2020).

Comments: — Kweilingia divina on Bambusa vulgaris is reported here for the first time for Benin. The morphological characteristics observed for specimens from Benin are identical with those reported for K. divina from other countries (e.g. Eboh 1985, Blomquist et al. 2009, Gautam & Avasthi 2018).


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