Parhalixodes Laubier, 1960,

Bartsch, Ilse, 2015, The genital area of Halacaridae (Acari), life stages and development of morphological characters and implication on the classification, Zootaxa 3919 (2), pp. 201-259: 225

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Parhalixodes Laubier, 1960


Parhalixodes Laubier, 1960 

Type species. Parhalixodes travei Laubier, 1960  .

Male (?). Genital and anal plates contiguous ( Laubier 1960: figs 1 b, 2 d). GP with single pair of pgs. Genital acetabula not mentioned in the description.

Female. Not known.

Juveniles. A single juvenile stage known, expected to be a protonymph. AE with pair of epimeral pores. GP and AP contiguous or fused. GP with a pair of gac; sgs absent; pair of pores in striated integument ( Newell 1971: fig. 77) may be remnants of pgs.

Remarks. Two species have been described, one from the Mediterranean, the other from the southeastern Pacific Ocean. The species are expected to be at least temporarily ectoparasitic ( Laubier 1960; Newell 1971).