Spongihalacarus Otto, 2000,

Bartsch, Ilse, 2015, The genital area of Halacaridae (Acari), life stages and development of morphological characters and implication on the classification, Zootaxa 3919 (2), pp. 201-259: 231

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Spongihalacarus Otto, 2000


Spongihalacarus Otto, 2000 

Type species. Spongihalacarus longiscutus Otto, 2000  .

Female. GP and AP fused to GA, this plate with four to five pairs of short, smooth pgs; genital sclerites with two pairs of sgs ( Otto 2000 d: fig. 2). Acetabula not mentioned in the description. Length of ovipositor and number and shape of genital spines not known. AE with pair of epimeral pores.

Male and juveniles. Not known.

Remarks. The single species described was found on the Great Barrrier Reef (Queensland, Australia); associated with a sponge that harbours red algae ( Otto 2000 d). Unknown is the colour of the gut content, this might have given information on the diet of the mite, if it consists in algal cells or sponge tissue.