Syncoptozus Enderlein, 1918

Rendón-Mera, Diana Isabel, Serna, Francisco & Burckhardt, Daniel, 2017, Generic synopsis of the jumping plant-lice (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha: Psylloidea) from Colombia, Zootaxa 4350 (3) : -

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4350.3.2

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Syncoptozus Enderlein


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( Figs 15 View FIGURES 10 – 27 , 49 View FIGURES 47 – 58 , 60 View FIGURES 59 – 70 , 77 View FIGURES 77 – 80 )

Diagnosis: Body strongly depressed; wings held flat over body ( Fig. 60 View FIGURES 59 – 70 ). Head strongly flattened, slightly wider than mesoscutum, wedge-shaped ( Fig. 15 View FIGURES 10 – 27 ); lateral ocelli placed far forward; genal processes absent. Antenna with sculpture as rows of small spinules; bases of terminal setae well separated. Clypeus very small. Forewing ( Fig. 49 View FIGURES 47 – 58 ) with pterostigma small, short and somewhat thicker than membrane; vein Cu1 shorter than Cu1b and perpendicular to M and Cu1a; apex of Cu1b directed towards wing base; cell cu1 very long and low; bifurcation of M strongly diverging, hence cell m1 large, triangular and almost equilateral. Meracanthus absent or poorly developed; metatibia without genual spine, with (5–7)+1 apical spurs; metabasitarsus without spurs; all tarsal segments elongated; tarsal claws straight and long, appearing like a third tarsal segment.

Biology and damage: Immatures are housed in roll leaf galls ( Hodkinson 1990).

Host-plants: Magnolia (Magnoliaceae) ( Hodkinson 1989).

Distribution: Neotropical ( Hodkinson 1989).

Remarks: This is the first record of the genus from Colombia.

Examined material: Syncoptozus mexicanus Hodkinson : Cundinamarca: 11 (male, female), Bogotá, Teusaquillo, Estación Transmilenio Univ. Nal., 4°38'8"N, 74°4'58"W, 2590 m, 25-Jan-2014, Magnolia grandiflora (R. Simbaqueba) UNAB 1373; 12 (male, female), Bogotá, Teusaquillo, Estación Transmilenio Ciudad Universitaria, 4°37'56.04”N, 74°5'4.37”W, 2561 m, 25-Jan-2014, Moraceae (F. Serna) , UNAB 1373.











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