Chaetocnema (Udorpes) modiglianii Jacoby, 1896

Ruan, Yongying, Yang, Xingke, Konstantinov, Alexander S., Prathapan, Kaniyarikkal D. & Zhang, Mengna, 2019, Revision of the Oriental Chaetocnema species (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Galerucinae, Alticini), Zootaxa 4699 (1), pp. 1-206: 175-177

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Chaetocnema (Udorpes) modiglianii Jacoby, 1896


73. Chaetocnema (Udorpes) modiglianii Jacoby, 1896  

( Figs. 101 View FIGURE 101 , 102 View FIGURE 102 )

Chaetocnema modiglianii Jacoby, 1896: 438   . TL: Sumatra. TD: BMNH.

Chaetocnema vietnamica Chen & Wang, 1980: 4   . TL: Vietnam (Hoabin). TD: IZCAS. (Syn. Nov.)

Distribution: China (Hainan), Vietnam ( Chen & Wang, 1980), Laos, Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka ( Ceylon), Malaysia, Indonesia (Sumatra) (Jacoby, 1896).

Host plants: ‘on vegetable’ (label data on specimens from Malaysia).

Description: Body length 1.95–2.15 mm, body width 1.25–1.35 mm. Ratio of elytron length (along suture) to width (maximum): 2.20–2.25. Ratio of pronotum width (at base) to length: 1.45–1.55. Ratio of length of elytron to length of pronotum (along middle): 2.50–2.55. Ratio of width of elytra at base to width of pronotum at base (in middle of humeral calli): 1.15–1.20. Ratio of maximum width of elytra to maximum width of pronotum: 1.40–1.45.

Dorsum coppery to bronzy.Antennomeres 1–4 yellow brown, 5–11 brown. Tibiae yellow or yellow brown. Pro- and mesofemora light brown. Metafemora brown with obscure metallic luster.

Head hypognathous. Frontal ridge narrow and flat. Ratio of width of frontal ridge to width of antennal socket: 1.10–1.30. Frontolateral sulcus absent. Suprafrontal sulcus shallow, with a pit in middle. Orbital sulcus shallow. Punctures on vertex large, closely placed. Number of punctures on orbit: approximately 14 on each side, large and closely arranged. Orbit and vertex covered with white setae. Frons covered with numerous punctures and short setae. Number of setae on clypeus: approximately 15. Number of setae on labrum: 6. Anterior margin of labrum straight.

Pronotum without short longitudinal impressions near basal margin. Deep row of large punctures at base of pronotum absent. Pronotal base evenly convex. Lateral margins of pronotum slightly convex, converging forward. Anterolateral prothoracic callosity poorly developed, protruding laterally, curved anterolaterally. Posterolateral prothoracic callosity poorly developed. Diameter of pronotal punctures 2 to 3 times smaller than distance between adjacent punctures.

Elytra with convex lateral sides. Scutellar row of elytral punctures geminate, confused. Remaining rows of elytral punctures regular and single. Interspaces between striae of punctures smooth, glabrous, slightly granulated, without minute punctures. Humeral callus well developed.

Anterior end of the first abdominal ventrite truncate ( Fig. 102-J View FIGURE 102 ).

First male protarsomere slightly larger than second. Excavation on metatibia shallow. Large lateral denticle on metatibia obtuse. Metatibial serration proximal to large lateral denticle absent.

Apex of aedeagus in ventral view narrowing abruptly. Ventral longitudinal groove present on distal half of aedeagus. Apical denticle in ventral view prominent. Minute transverse wrinkles on ventral side absent. Aedeagus in lateral view unevenly curved, with maximum curvature situated medially.

Spermatheca with receptacle sinuated. Basal part of spermathecal duct straight. Spermathecal pump much shorter than receptacle, with apex flat. Receptacle basally narrower than apically. Apex of vaginal palpus slightly rounded. Anterior end of anterior sclerotization rounded. Posterior sclerotization longer than wide. Posterior sclerotization wider than anterior.

Types: Cotypes of Chaetocnema modiglianii   : 4 (BMNH), labels: 1) Cotype; 2) Sumatra, Padang, 1890, E. Modigliani; 3) Museo Civ. Genova; 4) Jacoby Coll., 1909–28 a; 5) Chaetocnema modiglianii Jac.   , Type.

Holotype of Chaetocnema vietnamica   : 1♀ (IZCAS), labels: 1) Vietnam, Hoabin. 2) Chaetocnema vietnamica   , det. S. H. Chen. 3) Holotype.

Material: 1♀ ( IZCAS), China, Hainan, Tongshi , alt. 340m, 27.III.1927, leg. Suofu Li   ; 1 ( BMNH), NE Laos, Hua Phan Prov., Ban Saleui, Phou Pan ( Mt. ), N20 12 E104 01, 1300 –1900m, 11.iv,– 15.v.2012, BMNH(E), 2012–14, C. Holzschuh, Chaetocnema vietnamica Chen & Wang, 1980   , Det. Yongying Ruan, 2016 GoogleMaps   ; 1 ( BMNH), Thailand, Nan Province, Lainan , 21–22.ix.2012, cabbage farm, 18.574N, 100.759E, LN1 Light trap, leg. D. L. J. Quicke GoogleMaps   , BMNH(E) 2015–75; 2 ( BMNH), Thailand, Kanchanaburi Prov., Thongpapoom , 11–12.vii.2009, UV light trap, D. Quicke & B&R. Butcher, BMNH(E), 2009–74, Chaetocnema vietnamica Chen & Wang, 1980   , Det. Yongying Ruan, 2016   ; 1♂ 1♀ ( USNM), Bhutan, Shemgang dist. 10km S. Shemgang, 1462m, 13.IX.2005, leg. K. Mahat, P. Loday, A. Konstantinov & K. D. Prathapan   ; 1♂ 1♀, Bhutan, Damphu 16.IX.2005, wp–108, leg. K. Mahat, P. Loday, A. Konstantinov & K. D. Prathapan   ; 1♂ ( USNM), Nepal, Pokhara–Kathmandu road, env. Damauli , Seti river 24.IV.2000, Konstantinov, Lingafelter, Volkovitsh   ; 1♂ 1♀ ( USNM), Nepal, Terrai , WNarayangadh, small valley Rapti river, 26.IV.2000, Konstantinov, Lingafelter, Volkovitsh   ; 1♀ ( USNM), Nepal, Terrai, env. Chitawan Nat. Park , river beds, 25.IV.2000, Konstantinov, Lingafelter, Volkovitsh   ; 1 ( BMNH), Nepal, Chitwan, Sauraha , 5/vi/1983, Sweeping riverside, M. J. D. Brendell, BMNH(E), 1983–222   ; 1♀ ( USNM), Malaysia, Island of Penang, Baker, CF Baker collection, 1927   ; 1 ( BMNH), Sarawak ( Malaysia), Mukah, On vegetable, 28.viii.1964, Coll. S. KUEH, 3483, Pres by Com Inst Ent, B M 1971–1   ; 2 ♂ ( BMNH), Sabah ( Malaysia): 5m   .S., Mt. Trus Madi , 1800 ft, 18–28. viii.1977, At light, M. E. Bacchus, B. M. 1978–48   ; 1♂ ( BMNH), Colombo, Ceylon, May , H P Green, 1916–157, Chaetocnema vietnamica Chen & Wang, 1980   , Det. Yongying Ruan, 2016   ; 1 ( BMNH), Peradeniya , Ceylon, 10. 6. 28, Dr. J. C. Hutson, Chaetocnema   sp. n., Det. G. E. Bryant, Pres by Comm Inst Ent, B. M. 1981–315   .

Remarks: C. modiglianii   superficially resembles C. ingenua   , C. midimpunctata   and C. westwoodi   . However, it can be differentiated from all of them by the shape of aedeagus. This species is also quite unique in the shape of the truncate anterior end of the first abdominal ventrite ( Fig. 102-J View FIGURE 102 ).


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Chaetocnema (Udorpes) modiglianii Jacoby, 1896

Ruan, Yongying, Yang, Xingke, Konstantinov, Alexander S., Prathapan, Kaniyarikkal D. & Zhang, Mengna 2019

Chaetocnema vietnamica

Chen, S. & Wang, S. 1980: 4