Fredyagrion siqueirai ( Santos, 1968a ) Lencioni, 2022

Lencioni, F. A. A., 2022, Analysis of male Leptagrion Selys, 1876 sensu lato (Odonata: Coenagrionidae) with description of four new genera and a new species, Zootaxa 5105 (1), pp. 63-104 : 80-81

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Fredyagrion siqueirai ( Santos, 1968a )

comb. nov.

Fredyagrion siqueirai ( Santos, 1968a) comb. nov.

Fig. 25 View FIGURE 25 (app), Fig. 36 View FIGURE 36 (prothorax).

Etymology: siqueirai = named after Prof. Dr. Luis Manoel Paes Siqueira, professor of parasitology at the Federal University of Pernambuco.

Santos 1968b: 137, Figs. 1–6 View FIGURE 1 View FIGURE 2 View FIGURE 3 View FIGURE 4 View FIGURE 5 View FIGURE 6 (description of male, illustration of appendages in lateral and dorsal views, prothorax in dorsal view, penis in ectal and lateral views, pterostigma of forewing); Santos 1978: 5 (compared with L. vriesianum ); Davies & Tobin 1984: 82 (data on publication and distribution); Lounibos et al. 1987: 193 (presence of L. siqueirai in Venezuela and show its abundance in phytotelmata [see De Marmels & Garrison 2005]); Machet 1989: 14 (presence in French Guiana [see De Marmels & Garrison 2005]); Machado & Costa 1990: 301 (data on publication and distribution); De Marmels 1990: 337 (presence in Venezuela); Bridges 1994: (VII) 219 (data on publication, type depository, type locality and references); Costa & Mascarenhas 1998: 7 (data on types); Costa & Garrison 2001: 383, Figs. 9a, 9c View FIGURE 9 , 18a View FIGURE 18 , 30 View FIGURE 30 (illustrations of appendages in lateral, and dorsal view, male prothorax in dorsal view, male forewing pterostigma); De Marmels & Garrison 2005: 258, Fig. 20 View FIGURE 20 (illustration of appendages in dorsal and lateral views, distribution [mention that L. siqueirai in Lounibos et al. (1987) could be L. aculeatum or a new species and that the record in Machet (1989) of L. siqueirai from French Guiana may also refer to L. aculeatum ]); Lencioni 2006: 152, Figs. 93A–E (data on description, type locality, type deposition, distribution, and larval description, illustration of appendages in lateral and dorsal views, penis in lateral and ectal views, male prothorax in dorsal view, male fore wing pterostigma); Garrison et al. 2010: 264 (data on species); Lencioni 2017b: 261 (compared with L. lencioninetoi , illustrations of appendages in dorsal and lateral views, prothorax dorsal and head dorsal).

Deposition of type series. Holotype in MNRJ (examined through photos—destroyed by fire on 2.ix.2018).

Larva described. No.

Material examined. (1 ♂): 1 ♂ Brazil: Pernambuco, Recife, Parque Zoobotanico Dois Irmãos , 18.xi.1965, N.D. Santos leg. (holotype) .

Distribution. Brazil (Pernambuco), Venezuela (?) and French Guiana (?).


Museu Nacional/Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro