Fredyagrion dispar (Selys, 1876) Lencioni, 2022

Lencioni, F. A. A., 2022, Analysis of male Leptagrion Selys, 1876 sensu lato (Odonata: Coenagrionidae) with description of four new genera and a new species, Zootaxa 5105 (1), pp. 63-104 : 77-78

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Fredyagrion dispar (Selys, 1876)

comb. nov.

Fredyagrion dispar (Selys, 1876) comb. nov.

Fig. 20 View FIGURE 20 (app), Fig. 30 View FIGURE 30 (prothorax), Fig. 39 View FIGURE 39 (habitus).

Etymology: dispar = Latin for different, in comparison to F. elongatum from which is described as a race.

Selys 1876: 981 (description of male and female); Kirby 1890: 155 (data on publication and distribution); Williamson 1917: Plate XVII, 11–12 (illustration of appendages in lateral and dorsal views); Kennedy 1919: 182, Figs. 1078–1079 (illustration of appendages in lateral and dorsal views, penis in lateral and ectal views); Davies & Tobin 1984: 82 (data on publication and distribution); Bridges 1994: (VII) 69 (data on publication, type depository, type locality and references); Costa & Garrison 2001: 383, Figs. 8b View FIGURE 8 , 17a–b View FIGURE 17 , 29, 29b View FIGURE 29 , 46a–b View FIGURE 46 , 54b View FIGURE 54 (key to Brazilian species of Leptagrion , illustration of appendages in mediodorsal view, male prothorax in dorsal and lateral views, male forewing and hindwing pterostigma, female prothorax in dorsal and lateral views, female hindwing pterostigma); Lencioni 2006: 146, Figs. 87A–I (data on description, type locality, type deposition, distribution, and larval description, illustration of appendages in lateral and dorsal views, male and female prothorax in lateral and dorsal views, male pterostigma, female hind wing pterostigma); Garrison et al. 2010: 264 (data on species).

Deposition of type series. Syntypes in IRSNB (examined) .

Larva described. No.

Material examined. (3 ♂♂, 1 ♀): 1 ♂ Brazil: Espirito Santo, São Mateus ( Guriri ), 18º47’06.4” S & 39º45’59.6” W, 21.xii.2004, K.S. Furieri & V. Furieri leg. GoogleMaps ; 1 ♂ Brazil: Espirito Santo, Areial (limite com Rebio Sooretama ), 19º15’13”S & 39º52’34.8”W, 17.ii.2005, K.S. Furieri, R. Kawada & R.R. Silva leg. GoogleMaps ; 1 ♂ Brazil: Espirito Santo, Santa Teresa ( EBSL —trilha acima das cachoeiras), 04.iii.2003, F.C.C. Barreto & K.S. Furieri leg. ; 1 ♀ Brazil: Espirito Santo, Conceição da Barra ( RBCG), 18º15’10.7”S & 39º49’13.8” W, 11.iii.2006, K.S. Furieri leg. GoogleMaps

Distribution. Brazil (Bahia, Espírito Santo).


Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique