Fittkauimyia Karunakaran, 1969

Cranston, Peter S., 2007, The Chironomidae Larvae Associated With The Tsunami-Impacted Waterbodies Of The Coastal Plain Of Southwestern Thailand, Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 55 (2), pp. 231-244: 234

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Fittkauimyia Karunakaran


Fittkauimyia Karunakaran  

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Fittkauimyia   appears to be represented by a single Indo- Oriental species F. disparipes Karunakaran. Although   described from Singapore, the taxon was known earlier from a larva reported by Zavrelˇ (1933) from Indonesia as Tanypus sp.   Fittkauimyia disparipes   appears to be very tolerant of organic pollution and is clearly an acidophilic species in Singapore and in Northern Territory of Australia. Ashe (1990) records the genus from Sulawesi. The predatory larvae were found in three dilute ponds in this study, with conductivities ranging from 29–49 µS. cm−1 and dissolved solids of 14–25 ppm. Acidity was not measured.