Stilestrongylus, Freitas, Lent & Almeida, 1937

Panti-May, Jesús Alonso, Digiani, María Celina, Palomo-Arjona, Eduardo Emir, Gurubel-González, Yessica Margely, Navone, Graciela T., Machain-Williams, Carlos, Hernández-Betancourt, Silvia F. & Robles, María Del Rosario, 2018, A checklist of the helminth parasites of sympatric rodents from two Mayan villages in Yucatán, México, Zootaxa 4403 (3), pp. 495-512 : 504

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Stilestrongylus   sp.

Site of infection: Small intestine

Host: Peromyscus yucatanicus  

Locality: Paraíso

Prevalence and mean intensity (range): 20% (1/5) and 1 (1)

Specimens deposited: MLP-He 7439

Comments: Infected mouse harbored one non-gravid female specimen. The characteristics of the synlophe (24 small and subequal ridges with oblique axis of orientation), and morphology of the posterior end (monodelphic, with invaginated tail) evoke clearly the females of the genus Stilestrongylus (Notarnicola et al. 2010)   . However, more material, particularly males, should be collected to identify this taxon at species level.

Two species of Stilestrongylus   have been reported in México: Stilestrongylus hidalguensis Falcón-Ordaz & Sanabria Espinoza   from Peromyscus   sp. and Stilestrongylus peromysci Falcón-Ordaz & Sanabria Espinoza   from P. difficilis   in Hidalgo (Falcón-Ordaz & Sanabria Espinoza 1999). Also, an unidentified species of Stilestrongylus   was reported from Oryzomys   sp. in Oaxaca (García-Prieto et al. 2012). This is the first record of a species of Stilestrongylus   from P. yucatanicus   and for Yucatán.