Prolipiniella, Published, 2007

Published, First, 2007, Chironomid midges from early Eocene amber of France (Diptera: Chironomidae), Zootaxa 1404, pp. 1-66: 46-47

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n. gen.

Genus Prolipiniella   n. gen.

Type species: Prolipiniella magnifica   n. sp.

Etymology: The genus is named for its close similarity with the recent genus Lipiniella   .

Diagnosis: Male antenna with 10 flagellomeres; no acrostichals (main diagnostic characters); scutum overreaching antepronotum; fore tibia with scale rounded, without spur; median and hind tibial combs each with only 1 spine; hind tibia with 2 spurs; no visible pulvilli; no ventral accessory setae on sternite VI; inferior volsella well developed, elongate and cylindrical, not bowed dorsoventrally; superior volsella with basal part bearing long setae; anal point narrow.