Djalmabatista Fittkau, 1968

Published, First, 2007, Chironomid midges from early Eocene amber of France (Diptera: Chironomidae), Zootaxa 1404, pp. 1-66: 12

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Djalmabatista Fittkau, 1968


Genus Djalmabatista Fittkau, 1968  

Modern geographical range: This genus is recorded from the Nearctic, Eastern Palaerctic ( China), Oriental, Neotropical (Amazonia), and Afrotropical regions ( Ashe et al. 1987, Murray & Fittkau 1989, Saether & Andersen 2000). It is recorded from Australia, based on unpublished data (Cranston & Martin 2006, Web Version of the Australasian/Oceanian Diptera   Catalog, It is currently recognized as having a ‘Gondwanan’ distribution pattern ( Cranston & Hare 1995).