Rhytidaspis variata, Ingrisch, 2019

Ingrisch, Sigfrid, 2019, Revision of the genus Rhytidaspis Redtenbacher, 1891 including the description of a new genus Haudrhytidaspis gen. nov. (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Conocephalinae), Zootaxa 4661 (2), pp. 343-370: 359

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Rhytidaspis variata


Rhytidaspis variata   ssp.

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Specimens studied. Indonesia, Papua: New   Guinea, South coast, R. Aindoea [ River Aindua ], near Monding [4°10’S, 135°12’E], [without date], leg. E. Lundquist— 1 female (Naturalis Leiden, NBC) GoogleMaps   .

Discussion. The female at hand might belong to R. v. variata   ssp. n. However, as the female was not found together with a male and from both, R. v. variata   and R. v. brevis   ssp. n. only the males are known, I abstain from assigning that specimen to a subspecies.

Diagnosis. The female from River Aindua differs from those of R. v. meja   by the straight, continuously converging lateral margins of the female subgenital plate instead of becoming subparallel in apical area. Moreover, it differs from that and all other taxa of the genus by the very short and closely approached apical lobes of the subgenital plate.

Description. Female. Ventral surface of subgenital plate comparatively narrow, with lateral margins sub-straight and regularly approaching from base to tip; in apical area only little up-curved and divided into two rather short and closely approached, subacute lobes ( Figs. 11H, O, U View FIGURE 11 ).

Coloration. Head with face red brown, vertex yellow brown, darker sideward, with red brown furrows; antennal scrobae, scapus and pedicellus black, flagellum in basal area reddish, afterwards yellow; sub-ocular carina darkened; mandibles orange, upper part of clypeus red brown, lower part of clypeus green, labrum ochre, palpi yellow. Pronotum red brown with irregular ochre flecks. Abdominal tergites yellowish to ochre with reddish darkened hind margins and black lateral bands. Meso- and Metasternum black; abdominal sternites yellow to light brown. Tegmen yellow with few scattered black dots. Coxa and trochanter of all legs black or dark brown, anterior and median femur with black transverse strokes, hind femur for almost basal half dark brown. Female subgenital plate black; cerci yellow, ovipositor medium brown, lighter towards base.

Measurements (1 female).—Body: 45; pronotum: 11; tegmen: 4; hind femur: 24; ovipositor: 22 mm.