Safrobates Mahunka, 1989, Mahunka, 1989

Ermilov, Sergey G. & Minor, Maria A., 2016, Three new species of oribatid mites of the family Punctoribatidae (Acari, Oribatida) from alpine bogs of New Zealand, Zootaxa 4092 (2), pp. 243-257: 252

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Safrobates Mahunka, 1989


Safrobates Mahunka, 1989  

Type species: Safrobates miniporus Mahunka, 1989  

Diagnosis (partially based on characters listed in Mahunka 1989). Adult. Rostrum with median ledge and two lateral incisions; rostral setae inserted dorso-laterally on prodorsum; lamellar and interlamellar setae straight, directed forward; bothridial setae short, clavate, not covered by anterior margin of notogaster; bothridial wall distally expanded to form scales; lamellae strong, their cusps broad, completely fused in medial part, truncate or slightly concave, not covering anterior part of prodorsum; tutoria lamelliform, with cusps broadened distally; pedotecta I represented by large laminae, dorsal margin close to exobothridial seta; genal teeth long, reaching the insertions of rostral setae; porose areas Am and Ah present, Al absent; anterior notogastral margin and pteromorphs well-developed; dorsophragmata connected; lenticulus absent; posterior notogastral tectum entire; notogaster with porose areas; ten pairs of setiform notogastral setae; axillary saccules present; custodia, discidia and circumpedal carinae present; sejugal apodeme and apodeme 3 distinct; five pairs of genital, one pair of aggenital, two pairs of anal and three pairs of adanal setae; postanal porose area absent; monodactylous.

Juvenile instars. Unknown.

Remarks. Subías (2004, online version 2015) includes Safrobates   as subgenus of Macrogena Wallwork, 1966   , however, we support the generic status of Safrobates   .