Scleronephthya, Wright & Studer, 1889

Lam, Katherine & Morton, Brian, 2008, Soft corals, sea fans, gorgonians (Octocorallia: Alcyonacea) and black and wire corals (Ceriantipatharia: Antipatharia) from submarine caves in Hong Kong with a checklist of local species and a description of a new species of Paraminabea, Journal of Natural History 42 (9 - 12), pp. 749-780: 752

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Scleronephthya   sp. Wright & Studer, 1889

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Colony pink, flaccid, branches elongate, digitiform and arising irregularly. Single polyps or polyp-bearing lappets arising directly from the stout stem and branches. Both the stem and branches bearing polyps thatare denser towards the tip. The anthocodial armature consists of 8 points, each with 2–3 pairs of large bow sclerites en chevron. Tentacles and the whole surface of the polyps, stem and branches are covered with small sclerites between 0.08–1 mm in length and thus confer on them a granular appearance. Large straight or curved warty sclerites, 1.2 mm long, occur in the cortex and canal walls. Sclerites are colourless in water.


Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Japan.


This species is a new record for Hong Kong. Two specimens (40 mm × 30 mm and 30 mm × 20 mm) were collected from Conic Island Cave.