Discleroderma indiensis Lanes & Azevedo, 2008

Azevedo, Celso O., Vargas, Juan M. & Colombo, Wesley D., 2020, Synopsis of world Discleroderma Kieffer (Hymenoptera, Bethylidae), Zootaxa 4742 (3), pp. 467-480 : 471

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4742.3.3

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Discleroderma indiensis Lanes & Azevedo, 2008


Discleroderma indiensis Lanes & Azevedo, 2008

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Redescription, female. Head mostly converging anterad in dorsal view, lateral margin outcurved at temple level, otherwise almost straight, wider at temple level, vertex evenly outcurved. Gena visible in dorsal view. Frontal angle of ocellar triangle acute. Anterior margin of anterior ocellus not touching supra-ocular line. Frons weakly coriaceous. Notauli complete, narrow, little incurved, slightly converging posterad. Parapsidal signum complete when pronotum is not deflected, narrow, but wider than notauli, little outcurved, converging posterad. First metapostnotal lateral carina straight, incomplete posteriorly. First abdominal spiracle elliptical, located on dorsal surface of metapectal-propodeal disc. Metasomal tergite III with one pair of inconspicuous minute nodule, not connected by transverse carina; tergites IV–V with pair of spine-shaped tubercles, connected by transverse carina. Inter-tubercular space 0.5 × outer-tubercular space for metasoma IV and 3.0 × for metasoma V.

Material examined. THAILAND, 1 female, Phetchabun, Khao Kho N [ational] P[ark], mix deciduous near office, 16°39.479’N 101°08.105’E, 260m, Malaise trap, 5–12.ii.2007, Somchai Chachumnan & Saink Singtong leg., T1600 ( QSBG) GoogleMaps ; 1 female, Chaiyaphum Tat Tone N [ational] P[ark], Nursery at head water area, 15°58.344’N 102°02.169’E, 257m, Malaise trap, 19–26.ii.2007, Orawan Budsawong leg., T1734 ( QSBG) GoogleMaps ; 1 female, Loei Kraduengh N [ational] P[ark], Forest Protection Unit Loei 5, Phakbung , 16°50.540’N 101°41.663’E, 406m, Malaise trap, 7–13.ii.2007, Sutin Khonglasae leg., T1496 ( QSGB) GoogleMaps .

Remarks. This species was known only from the type series of five females, all reared from the cerambycid host, Xylotrechus quadripes Chevrolat in India. Therefore, this is the first record of D. indiensis from Thailand. The main difference between Thai specimens and type series is that the former have the notauli complete and the metasomal tubercles on segment V 1.2 × more distant from each when compared to those of segment IV. In contrast, the Indian specimens lack the notauli on the posterior half of the mesoscutum while having the metasomal tubercles on tergite V 1.7 × more distant from each other in comparison to those of tergite IV.

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