Trochilodectes Park & Atyeo, 1971a

Hernandes, Fabio Akashi, Pedroso, Luiz Gustavo A. & Oniki-Willis, Yoshika, 2016, Five new feather mites of the subfamily Pterodectinae (Acariformes: Astigmata: Proctophyllodidae) from passerines and hummingbirds (Aves) of Brazil, Zootaxa 4161 (3), pp. 301-328 : 315-316

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Trochilodectes Park & Atyeo, 1971a


Genus Trochilodectes Park & Atyeo, 1971a

Type species: Proctophyllodes (Pterodectes) trochilidarum Trouessart, 1885 , by original designation.

Males of this genus have setae ps3 inserted anterior to the adanal suckers, and females have setae h2 dagger-like, without a terminal filament. A key to the nine species known up to the time was provided by Park & Atyeo (1974); two more species were subsequently described ( Černý 1974; Hernandes 2013). The genus currently comprises 12 species, including the new one described herein.