Paradoxapseudes bermudeus ( Băcescu 1980 ),

Abarca-Ávila, Mónica Mariel, Herrera-Dorantes, María Teresa, Winfield, Ignacio & Ardisson, Pedro-Luis, 2019, Updated checklist and identification key of benthic tanaidaceans (Crustacea Peracarida) of the sublittoral zone of the northern Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, Zootaxa 4711 (1), pp. 51-76: 54-55

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Paradoxapseudes bermudeus ( Băcescu 1980 )


Paradoxapseudes bermudeus ( Băcescu 1980) 

Material examined. TA: 125 individuals. CNCR 35343. Tr-Loc: Madagascar, Yucatan, Mexico, 21°26’30.12’’N 90°17’25.9’’W, 37 individuals, 29 May 2012, coll. GR, IW, MA, UP, collected at 15 m depth; Tr-Loc: Sisal, Yucatan, Mexico, 21°20’54.4’’N 90°08’52.5’’W, 22 individuals, 30 May 2012, coll. GR, IW, MA, UP, collected at 9 m depth; Tr-Loc: Tanchit, Yucatan, Mexico, 21°21’53.3’’N 90°04’05.4’’W, 50 individuals, 31 May 2012, coll. GR, IW, MA, UP, collected at 8 m depth; Tr-Loc: Bajo Diez, Yucatan, Mexico, 21°20’50.8’’N 90°08’53.0’’W, six individuals, 04 June 2012, coll. GR, IW, MA, UP, collected at 11 m depth; Tr-Loc: Bocacha, Yucatan, Mexico, 21°19’17.3’’N 90°20’02.6’’W, ten individuals, 04 June 2012, coll. GR, IW, MA, UP, collected at 8 m depth. These specimens were collected in sponges such as Aiolochroia crassa (Hyatt)  , Aplysina fistularis (Pallas)  , Clathria (Clathria) foliacea Topsent  , Igernella notabilis (Duchassaing & Michelotti)  , algae such as Dictyopteris delicatula J.V.Lamouroux  and Dictyota dichotoma (Hudson) J.V.Lamouroux  , coral rubble. The abundance of females was not recorded for this species.

Local distribution. Consult Cházaro-Olvera et al. (2018).

Geographical distribution. Atlantic Ocean: Bermuda, east coast of United States, South Carolina, and Florida; GoM: Tuxpan-Lobos Protected Natural Area, Veracruz Reef System National Park; Caribbean Sea: Puerto Morelos Reef National Park, Quintana Roo.

Recognition characters. Peduncle of antennule with small tubercles on inner margin; rostrum rounded with a small acute process; pereopod-1 with a coxal spine; chela strong (male type) in adult females.

Remarks. This is a hermaphroditic species that was captured for the first time in a cave near the sea coast, in the company of Nannastacus Bate  , and also inhabits live bottom substrata, associated with sponges such as A. fistularis  , Amphimedon compressa Duchassaing & Michelotti  , Chondrilla nucula Schmidt  , Geodia neptuni (Sollas)  and I. notabilis  , algae such as D. dichotoma  and Ulva lactuca Linnaeus  , coral rubble and wood, in depths 1 to 50 m.

References. Băcescu (1980); Heard et al. (2004); García-Madrigal et al. (2005); Guţu (2008); Winfield et al. (2013); Monroy-Velázquez et al. (2017); Winfield et al. (2017); Cházaro-Olvera et al. (2018).


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