Liriomyza eupatorii (Kaltenbach)

Eiseman, Charles S. & Lonsdale, Owen, 2018, New state and host records for Agromyzidae (Diptera) in the United States, with the description of thirty new species, Zootaxa 4479 (1), pp. 1-156: 49-50

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Liriomyza eupatorii (Kaltenbach)


Liriomyza eupatorii (Kaltenbach)  

( Figs. 30 View FIGURE 30–34 , 140 View FIGURES 133–143 )

Material examined. MASSACHUSETTS: Hampshire Co.   , South Hadley, near Lithia Springs Reservoir , 11.v.2016, em. 27.v.2016, C.S. Eiseman, ex Symphyotrichum cordifolium   , spiral mines, #CSE2505, CNC654242– 654244 View Materials (3♂)   ; Nantucket Co., Nantucket, Squam Swamp ,, em., C.S. Eiseman, ex Solidago latissimifolia   , linear mine with no spiral, #CSE598, CNC392714 View Materials (1♂)   ; same data but mine beginning with a spiral, #CSE603, CNC392701 View Materials , CNC392702 View Materials (2♂)   ; same collection data, em. 24–, linear mine beginning with a spiral, #CSE601, CNC392939–392944 (3♂ 3♀); same collection data, em., linear mine, #CSE624, CNC392715 (1♂); Nantucket, Coskata Woods,, em., C.S. Eiseman, ex Baccharis halimifolia   , contorted linear mine, spiral not evident, #CSE605, CNC392681, CNC392682 (1♂ 1♀); same data, linear mine beginning with distinct spiral, #CSE606, CNC422936–422942 View Materials (1♂ 6♀)   ; Nantucket , UMass field station,, em., C.S. Eiseman, ex Solidago altissima   , linear mine (no spiral), #CSE617, CNC384819 View Materials , CNC384820 View Materials (2♂)   ; same collection data, em., linear mine beginning with a spiral, #CSE604, CNC384815 (1♀); Nantucket, Masquetuck,, em., C.S. Eiseman, ex Baccharis halimifolia   , linear mine, contorted but not beginning with a spiral, #CSE618, CNC358470 (1♂); Nantucket, Ice Pond Lot,, em. 3.vii.2013, C.S. Eiseman, ex Solidago latissimifolia   , spiral, #CSE648, CNC392710 (1♂); OKLAHOMA: Payne Co., Mehan , 36.014339° N, 96.996744° W, 23.iii.2016, em. 14.iv.2016, M.W. Palmer, ex Symphyotrichum praealtum   , #CSE2650, CNC653986 View Materials (1♂) GoogleMaps   .

Tentatively identified material. MASSACHUSETTS: Franklin Co., Northfield , 276 Old Wendell Rd. ,, em   . 7.vii.2017, C.S. Eiseman, ex Symphyotrichum lateriflorum   , #CSE3906, CNC939662 (1♀);, em. 17.vii.2017, C.S. Eiseman, ex Symphyotrichum novae-angliae, #CSE3972, CNC939660 (1♀).

Hosts. Apocynaceae   : Asclepias   L. ( Lonsdale 2017); Asteraceae   : Baccharis halimifolia   L., Mikania micrantha Kunth   , M. scandens   (L.) Willd. ( Diaz et al. 2015), Solidago * altissima L.   , S. canadensis   L. ( Frick 1959), S. * latissimifolia Mill., Symphyotrichum   chilense (Nees) G.L. Nesom ( Spencer 1981)   , S. * cordifolium   (L.) G.L. Nesom, S. * praealtum (Poir.) G.L. Nesom   , S. puniceum   (L.) Á. Löve & D. Löve ( Lonsdale 2017), Xanthium strumarium   L. (Lonsdale 2011). It is unclear whether California specimens labeled “ Callistephus ” ( Asteraceae   ) were reared or caught (Lonsdale 2011); a British Columbia specimen labeled “host: raspberry” was probably not reared ( Lonsdale 2017). Our tentatively identified females were reared from Symphyotrichum lateriflorum   (L.) Á. Löve & D. Löve and S. novae-angliae (L.) G.L. Nesom.

Leaf mine. ( Fig. 140 View FIGURES 133–143 ) Whitish, upper surface; long, narrow and linear; often beginning with a distinctive spiral, but this is sometimes reduced to a minute contorted area, and sometimes there is no hint of it whatsoever. The black frass is mostly in distinct, alternating strips, sometimes devolving into irregular, squiggly fragments toward the end.

Puparium. ( Fig. 30 View FIGURE 30–34 ) Yellow to dark brown; formed outside the mine. The three specimens collected together from Symphyotrichum cordifolium   differed markedly in puparium color—bright yellow, pale orange, and orangebrown ( Fig. 30 View FIGURE 30–34 )—and the difference was still evident after the adults had emerged.

Distribution. USA: CA, DE, GA, MA, MI, MS, MT, NC, NY ( Scheffer & Lonsdale 2018), *OK, PA, SC, TN, VA, WA, WV; Canada: AB, BC, MB, NB, NS, ON, QC, SK; Europe.

Comments. The records of Baccharis halimifolia   and MA given by Lonsdale (2017) were based on specimens that were not cited in that paper and are reported here for the first time.