Uhleriana tornatucephala, Domahovski, 2019

Domahovski, Alexandre Cruz, 2019, New genera and species of Selenomorphini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Iassinae), including redescription of Scaroidana Osborn, Pachyopsis Uhler and updated key to genera and species, Zootaxa 4711 (3), pp. 517-544: 537

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Uhleriana tornatucephala

sp. nov.

Uhleriana tornatucephala   sp. nov.

( Figs 83 View FIGURES 83 −92)

Type locality. Sinop , Mato Grosso, Central-Western Brazil   .

Measurements (mm). Length 7.5 (male).

Coloration. Body ( Figs 83 View FIGURES 83 , 84) brown. Head ( Fig. 83 View FIGURES 83 ) crown pair of rounded black spots near posterior margin; frons (Fig. 85) with pair of small black spots mesad ocelli; clypeus with dark brown spot near apex. Pronotum with black irregular markings near anterior margin. Metatibia with dorsal rows with some macrosetae black.

Description. Abdominal sternite II (Fig. 86) with internal apodemes curved inward, expanded apically, apex rounded. Other characteristics as in generic description.

Male terminalia. Pygofer (Fig. 87), with posteroventral margin almost straight; apex rounded; ventral process short, slightly curved dorsally near apex, reaching the apical fourth of pygofer. Subgenital plate (Fig. 87) in lateral view, not reaching the pygofer apex; in ventral view (Fig. 88) 4.6 times longer than wide, wider near base and slightly tapered toward apex; with few macrosetae on ventral surface, restrict to apical third. Connective (Fig. 89) stem not wider apically, lateral margins almost parallel; apex straight. Style (Fig. 91) with blade slightly curved dorsally, slightly tapered apically; apex with small hook dorsally and with very small process ventrally. Aedeagus (Fig. 92) with ventral margin of preatrium rounded; atrium wide; shaft very short, strongly curved dorsally, apex rounded. Other characteristics as in generic description.

Female. Unknown.

Material examined. Holotype male: “ Sinop Mato Grosso \ Brasil X−1975 \ M. Alvarenga leg” ( DZUP).  

Etymology. The specific epithet refers to the head rounded in profile.


Universidade Federal do Parana, Colecao de Entomologia Pe. Jesus Santiago Moure