Oxypoda (Podoxya) brevicornis ( Stephens, 1832 ), Stephens, 1832

Assing, Volker, 2007, On the Oxypoda species of Turkey and adjacent regions. II. Three new species, additional records, and a checklist (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae), Zootaxa 1411, pp. 1-24: 7

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.175620

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Oxypoda (Podoxya) brevicornis ( Stephens, 1832 )


Oxypoda (Podoxya) brevicornis ( Stephens, 1832)  

Material examined. TURKEY: Istanbul: 1 ex., V. 1962, leg. Schubert (cAss); Amasya: 1 ex., Borabay near Amasya, 26–31.V. 1961, leg. Schubert ( NHMW); Sinop: 3 exs., Çangal Daġı, 16–26.V. 1957, leg. Schubert ( NHMW, cAss); 10 exs., Çangal Daġı, 7–15.VI. 1960, leg. Schubert ( NHMW, cAss); Artvin: 3 exs., Borçka, 1–3.VI. 1960, leg. Schubert ( NHMW, cAss); 1 ex., Borçka, 1800 m, 18–27.VI. 1960, leg. Schubert ( NHMW).

Comment. According to Smetana (2004), this species has a trans-Palaearctic distribution. It is here for the first time reported from Turkey, where its distribution is apparently confined to the north.


Naturhistorisches Museum, Wien