Axonopsis caeca, Smit, Harry & Pešić, Vladimir, 2014

Smit, Harry & Pešić, Vladimir, 2014, Water mites from Mount Kinabalu and the Crocker Range, Borneo, Malaysia (Acari: Hydrachnidia), with the description of 34 new species, Zootaxa 3876 (1), pp. 1-71: 57-58

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Axonopsis caeca

n. sp.

Axonopsis caeca  n. sp.

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Type series. Holotype female, Mahua stream, Mahua, Crocker  Range, Borneo, Malaysia, 5 º 47.838 N 116 º 24.510 E, alt. 1052 m asl, 21 -ix- 2012 ( RMNH).

Diagnosis. Lateral eyes reduced, anterior part of dorsum with a typical configuration of reticulate pattern, forming a series of curved parallel lines.

Description. Female: Colour pale yellow, idiosoma 425 long dorsally and 421 ventrally, 308 wide, eyes reduced. Dorsal shield 284 wide, with six pairs of glandularia, anteriorly broadly fused with ventral shield; excretory pore fused with dorsal shield, flanked by the sixth pair of glandularia. Dorsum anteriorly with a reticulate pattern forming a series of curved parallel lines. Cx-I and -II rugose, extending to anterior idiosoma margin. Venter anterolaterally with a ridge. Apodeme of gnathosoma very long. Suture lines of coxae obliterated. Between fourth leg sockets and genital field two pairs of glandularia, one large and one small. Genital field with three pairs of acetabula, fused with ventral shield. Length/height of P 1 -P 5: 26 /16, 45/38, 22/23, 46/26, 48/ 12. Length of I-leg- 4–6: 51, 56, 46. Length of IV-leg- 4–6: 66, 70, 52.

Male: Unknown.

Etymology. Named for the reduced lateral eyes.

Remarks. No representative of the subgenus has previously been found in the Oriental region. Axonopsis caspica Pešić & Saboori, 2006  from Iran ( Pešić et al. 2006) is similar in the reduction of lateral eyes (a character state not mentioned in the original description), but differs in much broader anterior coxae and much longer ventral setae of P 4. Axonopsis (Vicinaxonopsis) iranica Pešić, Jabaleh & Saboori, 2009  from Iran differs from A. caeca  in the glandularia between the fourth leg sockets and genital field on each side more distanced from each other and a more stocky P 4.

Distribution. Borneo; known only from the locus typicus.


National Museum of Natural History, Naturalis