Aturus borneoensis, Smit, Harry & Pešić, Vladimir, 2014

Smit, Harry & Pešić, Vladimir, 2014, Water mites from Mount Kinabalu and the Crocker Range, Borneo, Malaysia (Acari: Hydrachnidia), with the description of 34 new species, Zootaxa 3876 (1), pp. 1-71: 64

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Aturus borneoensis

n. sp.

Aturus borneoensis  n. sp.

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Type series. Holotype male, Kipungit River, Poring Hot Springs, Mt Kinabalu, 6 º 0 2.776 N 116 º 41.432 E, alt. 568 m asl, 15 -ix- 2012 ( RMNH).

Diagnosis. Idiosoma posteriorly with a notch; posterior margin with two large hyaline, nearly rounded extensions and two small hyaline externsions; associated setae of dgl- 1 simple, more stout than other dorsal setae; lgl-setae simple; dorsum posterior to dorsal shield with a transverse row of setae; P 2 with a medial extension with a stout seta; IV-leg- 4 ventrally with two long and three shorter, simple setae.

Description. Male: Idiosoma dorsally 308 long and 275 wide, ventrally 356 long. Dorsal shield 251 long and 227 wide, posteriorly with two cavities; anteriorly of these cavities are dgl- 3, posteriorly are dgl- 4. Anterior twothird of dorsal shield papillate, posterior third without papillae. Associated setae of dgl- 1 large, simple, more stout that other dorsal setae; margin of upwardly-bent ventral shield posterior to dorsal shield with a transverse row of setae, posterior idiosoma margin with numerous long, curved setae. Posterior idiosoma margin in the gonopore area with a notch flanked by two pairs of inflated setae, one pair balloon- shaped, the other, more ventrally clubshaped. Genital field with 13–15 acetabula along posterior margin, anterolateral pair larger than other acetabula. Length/height of P 1 –P 5: 20 /14, 49/34, 42/27, 78/30, 28/ 10. P 2 with a medial extension with a stout seta; P 4 stocky, a bit bulging ventrally, with one stout ventral seta. Length of I-leg- 4–6: 68,70, 50. Length of III-leg- 4–6: 100, 112, 82; III-leg not modified Length of IV-leg- 4–5: 100, 98; IV-leg- 4 with two long and three shorter, simple setae. IVleg- 5 posteroventrally with two longer setae and a row of five shorter setae, anteroventrally with two short and two longer setae. Excretory pore located dorsally.

Female: Unknown.

Etymology. Named for its occurrence on the island of Borneo.

Remarks. The four hyaline inflated setae in combination with P 2 with a stout seta is diagnostic for the new species. A number of Palaearctic species have inflated setae also (i.e. A. spatulifer Piersig, 1904  , A. fontinalis Lundblad, 1920  ), but differ in either longer posterior setae and/or differently shaped hyaline extensions and P 2 without a stout seta.

Distribution. Borneo; known only from the locus typicus.


National Museum of Natural History, Naturalis