Leptobatopsis indica ( Cameron , 1897),

Gupta, Ankita, Lokhande, Swapnil A. & Soman, Abhay, 2013, Parasitoids of Hesperiidae from peninsular India with description of a new species of Dolichogenidea (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) parasitic on caterpillar of Borbo cinnara (Wallace) (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae), Zootaxa 3701 (2), pp. 277-290: 283-287

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Leptobatopsis indica ( Cameron , 1897)

sp. nov.

Ichneumonid wasp Leptobatopsis indica ( Cameron, 1897)  from Andaman Islands

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During the recent surveys of the Andaman & Nicobar islands undertaken in the month of February-March, 2012, the ichneumonid wasp L. indica  ( Ichneumonidae  : Banchinae), a known parasitoid of Parnara guttatus (Bremer & Grey)  ( Lepidoptera  : Hesperiidae  ) (Yu, 2012), was collected from malaise traps and yellow pan traps.

Brief diagnosis: Head shining; frons punctate; tip of mandible black; maxillary and labial palp white; antenna white ventrally, apically brown. Mesosoma black except prothorax in front, sides of mesonotum at base, tegula, scutellum, mark on apex of the metapleuron over coxa white. Scutellum impunctate. Hind coxa, trochanter and basal half of femur red; apex of hind femur, tibia and tarsus black except white basitarsus. Apex of fore wing infuscated. Petiole white on basal half; base of second tergite and apex narrowly white; base and apex of third and fourth tergite broadly white; metasoma ventrally white in major portion.

Specimens examined: Two females, Port Blair, Sippighat, Andamans, India; N 11 o 36.566 E092 0 .40, 08.iii. 2012, Malaise traps, coll. Ankita Gupta; NBAII/Ichneu/Banch/Lepto/indi/08312. Three females. Port Blair, Central Agricultural Research Institute, Andamans, India; N 11 o 36.56 E0920.67, 10.iii. 2012, yellow pan traps, coll. Ankita Gupta; NBAII. NBAII/Ichneu/Banch/Lepto/indi/ 10312. All specimens deposited in NBAII.