Cryptocarya rigidifolia van der Werff, 2013

van der Werff, Henk, 2013, Nomenclatural notes on Cryptocarya R. Br. (Lauraceae) from Madagascar, Candollea 68 (2), pp. 303-306: 305

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Cryptocarya rigidifolia van der Werff

nom. nov.

Cryptocarya rigidifolia van der Werff   , nom. nov.

Ξ Ravensara elliptica Kosterm.   in Not. Syst. (Paris) 8: 110. 1939 [non Cryptocarya elliptica Schltr.   in Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 39. 108. 1906].

Typus: MADAGASCAR. Prov. Toamasina: Forêts montagneuses de l’Est , fl., Louvel 229 (holo-: P [ P00853161]!).  

Observations.– Cryptocarya rigidifolia   is very similar to C. retusa (Nees) van der Werff   , but the type (Du Petit Thouars s.n.: holo-: B; iso-: P [P00540954]) of the latter lacks flowers, and the slight vegetative differences have made it difficult to decide whether or not they represent separate species, the type also lacks any indication of the collection locality. Examination of recent flowering collections that could be referred to one or other of these species has shown that lowland (5-20 m altitude) specimens have dorsally pubescent anthers and weakly raised secondary veins, while collections from higher altitude (950- 1440 m) have glabrous anthers (although the filaments are pubescent)and more stronglyraisedsecondary veins. Leaves of the type of C. retusa   agree with the leaves of the lowland specimens, while the type of C. rigidifolia   agrees with the specimens from higher altitude in leaf and flower characters. Therefore I accept C. retusa   as a lowland species characterized by its pubescent anthers and weakly raised lateral veins and C. rigidifolia   as an interior species from higher elevations with glabrous anthers and more pronounced raised lateral veins. Fruits of C. rigidifolia   are ruminate.

Ravensara coriacea Kosterm.   is also very similar to Cryptocarya rigidifolia   and C. retusa   .The type specimen (Service Forestier 12356) is from Menagisy-Brickaville and has young inflorescences. As long asflowers are unknown, it is difficult to determine if Ravensara coriacea   is a synonym of Cryptocarya rigidifolia   or C. retusa   or a distinct species. Both C. rigidifolia   and C. retusa   have priority over Ravensara coriacea   .

Recent collections seen. – MADAGASCAR. Prov. Antananarivo: Antananarivo, Ankozobe, Ankafobe , 18º07’14”S 47º11’30”E, 1442 m, 24.II.2005, fr., Lehavana & al. 286 ( MO); GoogleMaps   7 km E of Anjozorobe, 18º22’S 48º00’E, 1300 m, 12.V.1987, fr., Schatz & al. 1388 ( MO). GoogleMaps   Prov. Toamasina: Phelps Dodge project site, 15 km NE of Moramanga, 18º51’02”S 48º18’24”E, 950 m, 13.II.1997, st., Andriatsiferana & al. 2088 ( MO), GoogleMaps   Alaotra-Mangoro Region, Ambohibary, Ambatovy , 18º50’48”S 48º17’51”, 1050 m, 3.V.2007, fr., Antilahimena & al. 5516 ( MO); GoogleMaps   Toamasina, 2 to 4 km E of Perinet, 1000 m, 24.IV.1974, fr., Gentry 11251A ( MO); GoogleMaps   Antetezampandrana , pk 27-28, route Moramanga-Anosibe, s.d., fl., Service Forestier 26842 ( MO) GoogleMaps   .


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Cryptocarya rigidifolia van der Werff

van der Werff, Henk 2013

Ravensara elliptica

Kosterm. 1939: 110
Schltr. 1906: 108