Arcyphysa diamontona,

Wells, Alice & Contents, Arturs Neboiss Table Of, 2018, Australian Diplectroninae reviewed (Insecta: Trichoptera), with description of 21 new species, most referred to a new genus, Zootaxa 4415 (1), pp. 1-44: 27-28

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Arcyphysa diamontona

sp. nov.

Arcyphysa diamontona  sp. nov.

( Figs 102–103, 106–107View FIGURES 102–109, 116, 149, 151, 162–163View FIGURES 146–163, 181–182)

Material examined. Holotype ♂, Victoria , Diamond Creek , 7 km SE of Gembrook, 31.i. 1979, Wells & Neboiss ( NMV [PT-1006]). 

Paratypes. Victoria: 14♂ 10♀, data as for holotype  ; 1♂ Noorinbee , 12.xi.1969, A. Neboiss  ; 2♂ 2♀, 8 km NE Toolangi , 2.xii.1970, A. Neboiss  ; 1♂ 1♀, Ada River , on Ada River road, 19.i.1979, NMV Survey Department ‘54’  ; 1♂ 2♀, LaTrobe River , 9.8 km W of Noojee, 21.i.1979, NMV Survey Department ‘55’  ; 2♂, Watts River , Fernshaw, 12 km NE of Healsville, 11.ii.1982; A. Neboiss & K. Walker ( NMV). 

Other material, Victoria: 2♂, Gordon’s Bridge, Yea River, 6.i.1954, A. Neboiss; 1♂, Healsville, 7.ii.1954, A. Neboiss; 1♂, Noojee, 14.xi.1957, A. Neboiss; 1♂, Merrijig, Vic, 30.xi.1957, J. Landy; 2♂ 2♀, 7.xii.1957, J. Landy; 1♂, Merrijig, 15.i.1958, Edwards [PT-1095]; 1♂, Glenelg River, Chimney Pot Gap, Grampians, 16.xii.1966, A. Neboiss; 1♂, Glenelg River, Headwaters, 16.xii.1966, E.F. Riek ( ANIC, badly bleached specimen); 2♂ (? 38♀), Tooronga Falls, NE Noojee, 17.xii.1970, A. Neboiss; 4♂ 13♀, 3 km SE Taggerty, Little River, 6.i.1972, A. Neboiss; 1♂ 7♀, 3 km W Beenak, 7.i.1972, A. Neboiss; 31♀, Yea River, 7 km S of Glenburn, 1.xii.1972, A. Neboiss; 1♀, Aire River, 4 km? Beech Forest, 4.xii.1972, A. Neboiss & Malcolm; 1♀, Taggerty River, 4 km E of Marysville, 26.xii.1974, A. Neboiss; 2♀, Wingan River, 8 km S of Princes Hwy, 30.i.1975, A. Neboiss; 1♂, Jordan River at Jericho, 28.xi.1976, A.A. Calder; 2♂ 7♀, Matlock Creek off Thomson Portal Road, 14 km W of Aberfeldy, 10.ii.1977, A. Calder; 6♀, Tooronga River, 1 km S of Tooronga Rd, 28.xi.1978, NMV Survey Dept; 6♀, Tooronga Falls, 7 km NE of Noojee, 27.xi.1981, J. Morse & A. Neboiss; 1♂, Acheron River, 3.5 km ESE Narbethong, 14.i.1982, R. StClair; 2♂, Watts River, Fernshaw, 12 km NE of Healsville, 11.ii.1982, A. Neboiss & K. Walker; 8♀, O’Shannassy River, 20.i.1983, A. Neboiss; 2♂ 7♀, Vic, Matlock River off Thomson Portal Road, 14 km W of Aberfeldy, 10.ii.1977, A. Calder [TRI-39989].

Diagnosis. In general form, the male genitalia of this species are similar to those of Arc. angusta  with strongly bowed gonopods, but with lateral extensions on fused abdominal tergites IX/X, in lateral view, broadly rounded and club-shaped, not narrowly lanceolate; a small down-curved spine is present medially on the apicolateral margins of abdominal segment IX; and on each gonopod, the harpago is acute apically, not rounded. The female terminal abdomen has apicolateral angles of sternite VIII narrowly digitiform.

Description. Length of each forewing ( Fig. 102View FIGURES 102–109): ♂ 9.0– 10.9 mm (n = 3), ♀ 10.3–11.8 mm (n = 7); forewing median cell length about 5x maximum width. Maxillary palps ( Fig. 103View FIGURES 102–109) with segments 2 and 3 about equal length, 1 and 4 shorter, 5 slightly longer than other four together.

Male ( Figs 106–107View FIGURES 102–109, 162–163View FIGURES 146–163). Reticulate-walled internal sacs rounded, about 2/3 length of segments; lateral filaments short, about half length of segment. Genitalia: In lateral view with segment IX broadly concave apically; slender, spiny down-curved process on each lateral margin situated below level of phallus; tergites IX and X fused, in ventral view each side with elongate lateral extension of about equal width throughout length, on mesal margins slender process to about 2/3 length, in lateral view broadly rounded distally; gonopods in ventral view each with coxopodite stout, strongly curved, harpago short, narrow, in ventral view curved, tapered to acute apices directed mesad; phallic apparatus without parameres, stout basally, in lateral view tapered distally, down-turned.

Female. Abdomen ( Figs 181–182View FIGURES 179–187) terminating bluntly; pair of cerci and both pairs of terminal protuberances small; sternite VIII formed by 2 ventrolateral plates that cover inferior appendage receptacle grooves fully divided mesally, apicolateral angles extending dorsad in finger-like lobes, in lateral view rounded ventrally.

Distribution. Arcyphysa diamontona  has been collected in areas immediately to the east and north-east of Melbourne, Victoria.


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Royal Botanic Gardens, National Herbarium of New South Wales