Terraplistes Ingrisch, 2006,

Tan, Ming Kai, Dawwrueng, Pattarawich & Artchawakom, Taksin, 2015, Contribution to the taxonomy of scaly crickets (Orthoptera: Mogoplistidae: Mogoplistinae) from Southeast Asia, Zootaxa 4032 (4), pp. 381-394: 391

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Terraplistes Ingrisch, 2006


Genus Terraplistes Ingrisch, 2006 

Ingrisch, 2006: 186

Type species: Terraplistes chantri Ingrisch, 2006 

Diagnosis. This genus resembles the genera Cycloptiloides  and Micrornebius  but differ by the maxillary palps, the pronotum which is almost angularly bent to the lateral lobes; the compressed and widened hind tibia; the absence of sclerotised structure of the male phallic complex; and the acute apical valves of the ovipositor ( Ingrisch, 2006). Terraplistes  differs from Cycloptiloides  by broader maxillary palps and more widened apical segment, and by shorter female paraproct without longitudinal carina; from Micrornebius  by longer maxillary palps and less widened apical segment, and fewer hairs on apical valves of ovipositor.

Discussion. This genus has small number of species (six species assigned) and was erected in relatively recent time ( Ingrisch, 2006). They can be differentiated by shape and colour patterns, male paraproct process, female subgenital plate and ovipositor. Along with the availability of both male and female specimens, these distinct morphological differences give us more confidence that the new species described below is likely to be genuine. Currently known only from Thailand, Fig. 7View FIGURE 7 shows the known distribution of all known species. We also suspect that more species from this poorly known genus will be discovered with more intensive surveys in the region. All species were found in leaf litter in forests or scrublands.

A key to the species can be found in Ingrisch (2006).