Bletilla formosana (Hayata) Schltr., Repert., Schltr., Repert., 2021

Ormerod, Paul, Kurzweil, Hubert & Watthana, Santi, 2021, Annotated List of Orchidaceae for Myanmar, Phytotaxa 481 (1), pp. 1-262: 26

publication ID 10.11646/phytotaxa.481.1.1

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Bletilla formosana (Hayata) Schltr., Repert.

Spec. Nov.

Bletilla formosana (Hayata) Schltr., Repert.   Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 10: 256, 1911

Basionym: Bletia formosana Hayata, J. Coll. Sci. Imp. Univ.   Tokyo 30 (1): 323, 1911.

Specimens examined:— KACHIN. Myitkyina District : 2315 m, 5 Jun 1929, Sue Koe 10037 ( K), ident. uncertain; same loc., 18 Jun 1938, Naw Mu Pa 17414 ( AMES, K)   . SHAN. Taunggyi District: 1370 m, 20 May 1939, Dickason 8371 ( AMES, K, P); same loc., 1400−1600 m, 11 May 1958, McKee 6150 ( AMES, K); southern part: 1896, Abdul Khalil s.n. ( CAL, photo seen)   . WITHOUT LOCALITY. 5 Jun 1929, Sue Koe 10092 ( K), ident. uncertain   .

Distribution:— Myanmar, southwestern, central and southern China and Taiwan.

Notes:— The species is often confused with Bletilla striata (Thunb.) Rchb.   f., but it differs in having the lip keels wavy throughout their entire length (not just on the midlobe). It is a variable entity and probably hybridises with B. ochracea Schltr.   in China. The specimens Sue Koe 10037 & 10092 identified in Kew as B. striata   probably belong here.


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