Toledonia, Dall, 1902

Luca, Javier Di & Zelaya, Diego G., 2019, Gastropods from the Burdwood Bank (southwestern Atlantic): an overview of species diversity, Zootaxa 4544 (1), pp. 41-78: 67

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Toledonia   sp.

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Examined material. 2 an. and 5 sh. (MACN-In 40709).

Description. Shell height to 2.5 mm; ovate, delicate. Protoconch of 1.5 slightly convex whorls. Teleoconch with up to 1.25 whorls, markedly convex in outline; last whorl enlarged, comprising about 90% of total shell height. Suture deep, slightly channeled. Surface white; only sculptured with faint growth lines. Aperture ovate, interior white; columella with a strong fold, callus narrow, slightly expanded over the umbilical area.