Euryglossula storeyi, Batley, 2016

Batley, Michael, 2016, New Species of Euryglossula Michener (Apoidea: Colletidae), Records of the Australian Museum 68 (6), pp. 245-261: 254

publication ID 10.3853/j.2201-4349.68.2016.1665


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Euryglossula storeyi

n. sp.

Euryglossula storeyi   n. sp.

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Type specimens. HOLOTYPE ♂, Walsh River, via Chillagoe , Queensland, 28 Oct 1976, R. I. Storey, in QM ( T207000)   . PARATYPES (2♀♀, 1♂, in QM), same data as holotype ( T207001–3)   .

Diagnosis. Female black dorsally, clypeus and supraclypeal area yellow, distal clypeal margin with two projections. Distinguished from E. chalcosoma   by absence yellow in paraocular areas and teeth on clypeal margin. Male face yellow to top of fovea, metasoma brown dorsally, scutum with anterolateral yellow marks reaching only to mid-tegula. Distinguished from E. chalcosoma   by narrower clypeus, shorter anterolateral marks on scutum, from E. elizabethae   by brown metasoma and from E. microdonta   by absence of black patch on lower mesepisternum and shorter anterolateral marks on scutum.

Description. Female.—Head width 0.98 mm, body length 3.1 mm. Relative measurements: HW 50, HL 40, UID 29, LID 22, FVL 12, CW 21, CL 8, FL 25. Head black with the following yellow: clypeus, lower paraocular area adjacent to inner orbit, labrum, mandibles, lower gena and antenna ventrally. Ventral margin of clypeus with pair of blunt teeth laterally. Frons moderately tessellate with weak, open punctures. Mesosoma   black with the following yellow: metanotal tubercle, spot on tegula, alar sclerites and legs (except hind coxa brown basally, hind tibia with brown mark). Scutum weakly tessellate with dense punctures. Wing veins weakly pigmented. Metasoma black with S3–5 apically and T2–4 apicolaterally translucent, preceded by a narrow yellow line, T6 yellow apically with an orangebrown pygidial plate.

Male.—Head width 0.85 mm, body length 2.5 mm. Relative measurements: HW 50, HL 41, UID 32, LID 23, FVL 8, CW 21, CL 9, FL 27. Head yellow with vertex, occiput and frons medially down to about top of fovea black. Frons tessellate with close punctures. Mesosoma   black dorsally, with anterolateral corners of scutum yellow to midtegula. Pronotum laterally, mesepisternum (except upper half above episternal groove) and small part of metepisternum ventrally yellow, remainder black. Scutum strongly tessellate with dense, weak punctures. Metasoma entirely dark brown, or anterior half brown with remainder dark brown. Fringe on S5 dense and plumose except medially.

Remarks. The type series carry labels indicating that they were collected from “ Melaleuca sp.   ”, but were stored in a unit tray containing only the four specimens and a note in the same hand as that on the labels stating “plant is Eugenia eucalyptoides   ” (currently known as Syzygium eucalyptoides   ).

Etymology. The species is named after the late Ross Storey who collected the only currently known specimens of this species.


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