Euryglossula pallida, Batley, 2016

Batley, Michael, 2016, New Species of Euryglossula Michener (Apoidea: Colletidae), Records of the Australian Museum 68 (6), pp. 245-261: 251-252

publication ID 10.3853/j.2201-4349.68.2016.1665


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Euryglossula pallida

n. sp.

Euryglossula pallida   n. sp.

Figs 2c, 3b, 4a, 13, 27, 36

Type specimens. HOLOTYPE ♂, 6 km NE of Barkly Roadhouse , Northern Territory (19.6693°S 135.8577°E), 7 Aug 2012, M. Batley, ex Corymbia terminalis   , in AM ( K360278) GoogleMaps   . PARATYPES (10♀♀, 6♂♂ in AM), same data as holotype GoogleMaps   (K345816, K345823, K345668–675, K360274, K360276, K470057–060).

Diagnosis. Female with head and mesosoma predominantly yellow, very like E. flava   , but paler with less black dorsally on metasoma, distinguished from E. flava   by width of lower gena ( Fig. 4). Male distinguished from E. flava   by paler colour, shape of mandible and terminalia.

Description. Female.—Head width 1.05 mm, body length 3.3 mm. Relative measurements: HW 50, HL 39, UID 29, LID 26, FVL 9, CW 24, CL 9, FL 18. Head yellow, paler ventrally (except occiput black). Lower gena almost as wide as eye. Frons tessellate with dense punctures. Mesosoma   yellow with orange suffusions; dorsal and posterior surfaces of propodeum usually all black, but occasionally yellow laterally; most suture lines black. Sculpture of scutum similar to frons. Wing veins weakly pigmented. Metasoma pale yellow with small medial dark brown or black patch on each tergum.

Male.—Head width 1.0 mm, body length 3.0 mm. Relative measurements: HW 50, HL 41, UID 31, LID 28, FVL 8, CW 28, CL 8, FL 25. Head pale yellow shading to white ventrally (except occiput black); flagellum very pale brown; mandibles bidentate with ventral tooth enlarged ( Fig. 3b). Frons with moderate to weak tessellation and small, dense punctures. Mesosoma   pale yellow apart from small black area on dorsal surface of propodeum. Sculpture of scutum similar to frons. Metasoma pale yellow with central ⅓ of each tergum black.

Etymology. The specific name refers to the pale colour relative to that of E. flava   .

Additional material examined. Northern Territory: 2♀♀, 2♂♂, 4 km NE Barkly Roadhouse (19.681°S 135.849°E), 7 May 2008, M. Batley, ex Corymbia terminalis   , in AM ( K361452–455) GoogleMaps   ; 2♀♀, 3♂♂, Elliott (17.562°S 133.558°E), 13 May 2008, M. Batley, ex Corymbia terminalis   , in AM ( K361586–590) GoogleMaps   ; 2♀♀, 2♂♂, 7 km NW Barkly Roadhouse (19.670°S 135.768°E), 14 May 2008, M. Batley, ex Corymbia terminalis   , in AM ( K361607–610) GoogleMaps   . Queensland: 3♀♀, 13♂♂, ‘ Talawanta’ , 80 ml SE of Burketown, 24 May 1972, G.B. & S. R   . Monteith , on Eucalyptus   , in QM   .


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