Mesembrinella bolivar

Whitworth, Terry L. & Yusseff-Vanegas, Sohath, 2019, A revision of the genera and species of the Neotropical family Mesembrinellidae (Diptera: Oestroidea), Zootaxa 4659 (1), pp. 1-146: 56

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Mesembrinella bolivar


Mesembrinella bolivar   species-group

Recognition. The bolivar   species-group contains two species, M. bolivar   and M. carvalhoi   , originally described in the genus Giovanella   then moved to Huascaromusca ( Marinho et al. 2017)   , the two new species M. epandrioaurantia   sp. nov. and M. woodorum   sp. nov. These four species share anterior spiracle with a long, narrow opening gradually widening above ( Fig. 6 View FIGURES 1–8 ), rather than a broad oval opening above; discal scutellar setae absent; and 2x 2 postpronotal setae. The epandrium, cerci and surstyli of M. bolivar   ( Figs 37–38 View FIGURES 33–38 ) and M. carvalhoi   ( Wolff et al. 2017: figs 10–11) are very similar, but they are very different from those of M. epandrioaurantia   sp. nov. and M. woodorum   sp. nov. ( Figs 31–34 View FIGURES 27–32 View FIGURES 33–38 ). As more species are described this group may be split, but for now they are placed together based on the shared morphological characters listed above. Barcodes were obtained only for M. epandrioaurantia   sp. nov., which formed a distinct group (see discussion under that species).