Mesembrinella andina ( Wolff, Bonatto & Carvalho, 2014 ), Wolff, Bonatto & Carvalho, 2014

Whitworth, Terry L. & Yusseff-Vanegas, Sohath, 2019, A revision of the genera and species of the Neotropical family Mesembrinellidae (Diptera: Oestroidea), Zootaxa 4659 (1), pp. 1-146: 138-140

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Mesembrinella andina ( Wolff, Bonatto & Carvalho, 2014 )


Mesembrinella andina ( Wolff, Bonatto & Carvalho, 2014)  

( Figs 498–505 View FIGURES 498–505 )

Thompsoniella andina Wolff et al., 2014: 323   . Holotype male (CEUA), not examined. Type locality: Andes , Antioquia, Colombia.

Thompsoniella andina: Wolff & Kosmann (2016: 870) View Cited Treatment   ; Marinho et al. (2017: tab. 1).

Mesembrinella andina: Cerretti et al. (2017   : tab. 2).

Diagnosis. A small fly, the lone male specimen examined is 10 mm long. Similar to M. anomala   except male with T5 about 1.5x as long as T4; coxae, trochanters and femora orange with dark apices dorsally; ac 0:0. Terminalia with epandrium lacking an anteroventral extension, unique shape easily separated from M. anomala   ( Fig. 498–499 View FIGURES 498–505 ); epiphallus short, with only a slight curve in lateral view ( Fig. 500 View FIGURES 498–505 ).

Redescription. Male. Frons broad, 0.14 of head width at narrowest. Fronto-orbital broad below, narrowing above, black with silvery tomentum; stout black frontal setae ascending about 1/3 of distance to vertex; frontal vitta broad and black with silvery tomentum extending to base of ocellar triangle; parafacial with lower half yellow-orange and upper half gray; gena orange with a short vertical row of stout black setae and scattered short brown setae; postgena orange to gray with long, silky yellow setae; occiput with short row of black postoccipital setae ending 1/3 of way from outer margin of eye; occiput black with silvery tomentum, lower 2/3 with silky, yellow setae; median occipital sclerite subshining black; antenna: pedicel brown, first flagellomere grey arista with short fine setae; palpus typical; eye with median facets about 2x size of lateral facets; median ocellus 2x size of posterior ocelli; facial ridge with short black supravibrissal setae over about 1/10 of distance to antennal base.

Thorax. Dorsum black with blue-gray tomentum; pleura blue-gray except orange around anterior spiracle; chaetotaxy: ac 0:0, dc 2:2, ia 0:2, ph 0, ppn 2x 2, kat 1:1; meral setae fine, in a short vertical row with a couple of short horizontally-arranged setae, 1 pair crossing ap, 1 stout bas, 0 disc, 0 pb; subscutellum moderately developed; spiracles orange and medium-sized; legs: femora orange except apices brown dorsally, tibiae and tarsi brown. Wing hyaline, faintly darkened along costa, subcostal sclerite with heavy pubescence, basicosta and tegula brown, section IV 0.16 of section III; upper calypter with tan disc and black rim with reddish-brown setae, lower calypter with reddish-brown disc, rim and setal fringe.

Abdomen. T1+2 with anterior 2/3 orange, posterior 1/3, T3–5 shining blue with pale tomentum, T5 1.5x as long as T4. Terminalia in lateral view with short surstylus, broad at base and narrowed distally, curving forward, cercus large, curved forward ( Fig. 498 View FIGURES 498–505 ); in posterior view as in Fig. 499 View FIGURES 498–505 ; knob-like bases of surstyli exposed at tip of abdomen, similar to M. anomala   (see Fig. 497 View FIGURES 489–497 ); phallus in lateral view with epiphallus short and sinuous ( Fig. 500 View FIGURES 498–505 ); in dorsal view broad, hypophallic lobes with fine serrations ( Fig. 501 View FIGURES 498–505 ); T6, STS7+8 as in Fig. 502 View FIGURES 498–505 ; pre- and postgonites as in Fig. 503 View FIGURES 498–505 ; hypandrium as in Fig. 504 View FIGURES 498–505 ; sternites short and broad, as in Fig. 505 View FIGURES 498–505 .

Female. Unknown.

Material examined. Ecuador, Pichincha. 1 ♂, Bellavista Reserve , 0°0ʹ54ʺS 78°40ʹ56ʺW, 2200 m, v.2011, A.D. Young, debu 00339815 ( UGG) GoogleMaps   .

Distribution. Colombia, Ecuador.

Remarks. No specimens were barcoded.


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Mesembrinella andina ( Wolff, Bonatto & Carvalho, 2014 )

Whitworth, Terry L. & Yusseff-Vanegas, Sohath 2019

Thompsoniella andina:

Wolff, M. & Kosmann, C. 2016: 870

Thompsoniella andina Wolff et al., 2014: 323

Wolff, M. & Bonatto, S. R. & Carvalho, C. J. B. de 2014: 323