Cock, Matthew J. W. & Robbins, Robert K., 2016, Annotated checklist and biogeographic composition of the Lycaenidae (Lepidoptera) of Trinidad, West Indies, Insecta Mundi 2016 (506), pp. 1-33: 10-14

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Subtribe Calycopidina   (formerly Lamprospilus   section)

Duarte and Robbins (2010) established this subtribe.

Lamprospilus collucia (Hewitson, 1877)  

Tmolus iodinus Kaye   : Kaye (1914) TL [synonym]

Calycopis amphrade Schaus   : Kaye (1921, no. 226) [synonym]

Calycopis badaca (Hewitson)   : Kaye (1914, with Thecla collucia   as synonym), Kaye (1921, no. 228, with T. collucia   as a synonym) [misidentification]

Calycopis orcidia (Hewitson)   : Kaye (1921, no. 230, with T. iodinus   as synonym), Barcant (1970, no. 318) [misidentification]

Calycopis orchidia (Hewitson)   : Preston and Preston (1983) [misspelling, misidentification]

Gigantorubra collucia (Hewitson)   : Johnson (1993a), Johnson and Kroenlein (1993a)

Gigantorubra orcidia (Hewitson)   : Johnson (1993a) [assumed misidentification based on his figure of the male of G. orcidia   ]

Lamprospilus collucia (Hewitson)   : Sookdeo (2013)

Kaye (1940) removed C. amphrade Schaus   ( Lycaenidae No.   226) from the Trinidad list as a misidentification. The analysis of Robbins et al. (2010a) should be referred to for the complexities of previous usage.

Transandean Region

Lamprospilus aunus (Cramer, 1775)  

New island record collected by M.J.W. Cock (♂, Trinity Hills, Apr 1982) and S. Alston-Smith (♂, Trinity Hills) and photographed by K. Sookdeo (♂, El Tucuche, Nov 2012).

Amazonian Region

Badecla quadramacula (Austin and K. Johnson, [1998])  

Badecla quadramacula (Austin and K. Johnson)   : Sookdeo (2013)

The date of publication for this species in Robbins (2004) was 1997, but Lamas (2016) lists the publication date as ‘(“ September–December 1997 ”, [early 1998]).’ This species was treated in Lamprospilus   by Robbins (2004), but the current placement is from Duarte and Robbins (2010). Also taken by S. Alston Smith (♀, North Post, Oct 1999; ♀, Sangre Grande, May 1999; 2♀, West Trinity).

Amazonian Region

Kisutam syllis (Godman and Salvin, 1887)  

Tmolus politus (H.H. Druce)   : Kaye (1914) [synonym; incorrectly considered a form of T. beon ( Kaye 1908)   ]

Thecla politus (H.H. Druce)   : Longstaff (1912), Draudt (1919 –1921) [synonym]

Calycopis beon (Cramer)   : Kaye (1921, no. 218, listing Thecla politus H.H. Druce   as a synonym, although it is actually a synonym of K. syllis   ) [one of several species grouped under this name]

Calycopis vesulus (Cramer)   : Barcant (1970, no. 306) [misidentification]

Kisutam syllis (Godman and Salvin)   : Johnson and Kroenlein (1993a)

Strymon syllis (Godman and Salvin)   : D’Abrera (1995, p. 1238)

This species was treated in Ziegleria   by Robbins (2004), but the current placement is from Duarte and Robbins (2010). The material in Barcant’s collection as C. vesulus   is male and female K. syllis   ; he illustrates a female K. syllis   as male C. vesulus   ( Barcant 1970, plate 28.6).

Transandean and Amazonian Region

Ziegleria hesperitis (Butler and H. Druce, 1872)  

Thecla hesperitis (Butler and H. Druce)   : Crowfoot (1893, no. 142)

Tmolus perdistincta Kaye   : Kaye (1904, no. 153) TL

Calycopis hesperitis (Butler and H. Druce)   : Kaye (1904, no. 156 quoting Crowfoot (1893)), Kaye (1914, with T. perdistincta   as synonym), Kaye (1921, no. 221, with T. perdistincta   as synonym), Barcant (1970, no. 308), Lewis (1974, plate 67.12)

‘Thecla’ hesperitis (Butler and H. Druce)   : Cock (1981a)

Ziegleria hesperitis (Butler and H. Druce)   : Johnson (1993a), Sookdeo (2013)

D’Abrera (1995, p. 1216) illustrates a different species as Thecla perdistincta Kay   [sic], which we do not recognise as a Trinidad species.

Transandean and Amazonian Region

Ziegleria hernandezi (K. Johnson and Kroenlein, 1993)  

Angulopsis hernandezi K. Johnson and Kroenlein   : Johnson and Kroenlein (1993a) TL

Electrostrymon grumus K. Johnson and Kroenlein   : Johnson and Kroenlein (1993b) TL [synonym]

Ziegleria hernandezi (K. Johnson and Kroenlein)   : Warren et al. (2015)

In Robbins (2004), E. grumus   was placed as a synonym of Ministrymon azia (Hewitson)   , but the current synonymy follows Robbins and Glassberg (2013).

This species is the only one on Trinidad that is endemic to the area where the Transandean and Amazonian Regions overlap.

Rubroserrata ecbatana (Hewitson, 1868)  

Thecla cleon (Fabricius)   : Druce (1907) [misidentification, with T. ecbatana   as synonym]

Tmolus cleon (Fabricius)   : Kaye (1914, quoting Druce (1907)) [misidentification]

Calycopis cleon (Fabricius)   : Kaye (1921, no. 227), Barcant (1970, no. 315), Lewis (1974, plate 67.9) [misidentification]

Thecla cleon (Fabricius)   : D’Abrera (1995, p. 1234) [misidentification]

Rubroserrata arima K. Johnson and Kroenlein   : Johnson and Kroenlein (1993a) TL [synonym]

For many years this species was treated as Ministrymon cleon (Fabricius)   , but examination of the type of M. cleon   has shown this to be an error ( Robbins 2004; Duarte and Robbins 2010). Rubroserrata ecbatana   was treated in Electrostrymon   by Robbins (2004), but the current placement is from Duarte and Robbins (2010).

Amazonian Region

Electrostrymon hugon (Godart, [1824])  

Electrostrymon hugon (Godart)   : Sookdeo (2013)

This species was treated as E. cyphara (Hewitson)   in Robbins (2004); the current name is based on the discovery of a type of E. hugon ( Faynel and Bálint 2004)   . New island record collected by M.J.W. Cock ( Chacachacare Island , ♀ Jan 1980, ♂ Jan 1982) and K. Sookdeo (♂, Penal)  

Transandean Region

Electrostrymon joya (Dognin, 1895)  

Calycopis cyphara canus (H.H. Druce)   : Kaye (1921, no. 231) [ C. cyphara   is a misidentification; C. canus   is a synonym]

Calycopis denarius (Butler and H. Druce)   : Kaye (1940, no. 232a), Barcant (1970, no. 321) [misidentification]

Calycopis sangala (Hewitson)   : Kaye (1921, no. 232), Barcant (1970) [misidentification]

Calycopis cyphara nubes (H.H. Druce)   : Barcant (1970, no. 319) [ C. cyphara   is a misidentification; C. nubes   is a synonym]

Strymon nubes (H.H. Druce)   : D’Abrera (1995, p. 1237) [synonym]

Electrostrymon nubes (H.H. Druce)   : Johnson and Kroenlein (1993a) [synonym]

Following Duarte and Robbins (2010) Electrostrymon denarius   is the correct combination for the species that Kaye (1940) added to the Trinidad list as C. denarius   based on a specimen from St. Ann’s (R. Dick). Although Dick’s collection was acquired by Barcant (1970), there are no specimens curated as C. denarius   in Barcant’s collection. In the absence of any historical specimens, and given that E. denarius   does not occur in South America and the confusion over species of this phenotype in Trinidad collections, we conclude that E. joya   was the species in question.

Kaye (1921) records captures of C. sangala   by Sir N. Lamont (Palmiste) and F.W. Jackson (in BMNH). Lamont’s specimen is in RSME; it needs re-examination, but may be a ♂ Z. hernandezi   or a male E. joya   . Jackson’s specimen in the BMNH appears to be a female E. joya   . In Barcant’s collection, the female of E. joya   is treated as C. sangala   . Until confirmed material of E. sangala   from Trinidad is located, we assume earlier records are in error for E. joya   .

Transandean and Amazonian Region

Calycopis atnius (Herrich-Schäffer, [1853])  

Callicista atrius (Herrich-Schäffer)   : Lewis (1974, plate 67.4) [misspelling]

Kaye (1921) and Barcant (1970) misidentified C. petaurister   as this species. However, C. atnius   is a valid Trinidad species, collected by F.C. Urich, M.J.W. Cock and S. Alston-Smith (Point Gourde, Lopinot-Arima Ridge, etc.)

Transandean and Amazonian Region

Calycopis mimas (Godman and Salvin, 1887)  

Calycopis mimas (Godman and Salvin)   : Barcant (1970, no. 314)

Transandean and Amazonian Region

Calycopis petaurister (H.H. Druce, 1907)  

Calycopis atrius (Herrich-Schäffer)   : Kaye (1914), Kaye (1921, no. 233), Barcant (1970, no. 325) [misidentification; misspelling of C. atnius   ]

Thecla petaurister H.H. Druce   : D’Abrera (1995, p. 1222).

Kaye’s (1921) record is based on a specimen collected at Macqueripe Bay, Jan 1905 by F. Birch. This specimen is in the BMNH; it is a ♂ C. petaurister   . Barcant’s (1970) plate 28 of C. atnius   shows the ♂ upperside of C. petaurister   and the males in his collection as ‘ C. atrius   ’ are C. petaurister   .

Transandean and Amazonian Region

Calycopis demonassa (Hewitson, 1868)  

Calycopis demonassa (Hewitson)   : Kaye (1899), Kaye (1904, no. 155), Kaye (1921, no. 234), Barcant (1970, no. 326), Lewis (1974, plate 67.10), Sookdeo (2013)

Transandean and Amazonian Region

Calycopis calus (Godart, [1824])  

Calycopis calus (Godart)   : Kaye (1904, no. 154), Kaye (1921, no. 235), Barcant (1970, no. 327)

Thecla calus (Godart)   : D’Abrera (1995, p. 1220 –1221)

The two ♀♀ illustrated by D’Abrera (1995) are from Trinidad (not Brazil or Grenada as D’Abrera speculates – St Georges refers to the Trinidad county, and C.W. Ellacombe (not W. Ellacombe) is a recognised Trinidad collector).

Transandean and Amazonian Region

Calycopis caesaries (H.H. Druce, 1907)  

Thecla caesaries (H.H. Druce)   : Kaye (1940, no. 235c), Barcant (1970, no. 368)

Transandean and Amazonian Region

Calycopis bactra (Hewitson, 1877)  

Calycopis bactra (Hewitson)   : Field (1967a)

Kaye (1921) treated C. bactra   as a synonym of C. beon   . Barcant (1970) lumped it with several other species as C. beon   . It is a common Trinidad species. We use this name in the sense of Field (1967a), but the type may prove to be a different species (cf. discussion in Robbins et al. 2012).

Transandean Region

Calycopis bellera (Hewitson, 1877)  

Bithys xeneta (Hewitson)   : Kaye (1940 no. 242b), Barcant (1970, no. 347) [misidentification]

Calycopis xeneta   and C. devia (Möschler)   (a junior synonym of C. bellera   based on the rearing in Duarte and Robbins (2009)) were once considered subspecies ( Field 1967a), but both occur without intergradation in Panama ( Robbins et al. 2012). Trinidad specimens are C. bellera   .

Transandean and Amazonian Region.

Calycopis cinniana (Hewitson, 1877)  

Calycopis cinniana (Hewitson)   : Kaye (1914), Kaye (1921, no. 224), Hicks (1925), Barcant (1970, no. 311), Lewis (1974, plate 67.8), Johnson (1990), Sookdeo (2013)

Calystryma cinniana (Hewitson)   : Field (1967b)

Amazonian Region

Calycopis vesulus (Stoll, 1781)  

Tmolus vesulus (Stoll)   : Kaye (1914)

Calycopis vesulus (Stoll)   : Kaye (1921, no. 219; it will be necessary to locate the individual specimens listed to see how Kaye applied this name, but probably in line with BMNH), Lewis (1974, plate 67.16)

Thecla pisis Godman and Salvin   : Lewis (1974, plate 69.37 text) [assumed misidentification]

The species Barcant (1970) treated as Calycopis vesulus   is Ziegleria syllis   .

Five males and six females of different sizes were dissected from diverse localities in Trinidad; all seem to be the same species. They are close to, but differ from, Johnson’s (1991a) illustrations of the genitalia of C. puppius (Godman and Salvin)   and its synonym C. assuensis (K. Johnson)   . Here, we use the name C. vesulus   as a working hypothesis in line with the external appearance of material treated as this species in the BMNH, until this group of Calycopis   is better understood, and type material for C. vesulus   is found or designated. A male with no abdomen treated in the BMNH as C. puppius   (Mt Tucuche, Aug 1905, F. Birch) is treated here as C. vesulus   as we have seen no dissected specimens of C. puppius   from Trinidad. Lewis (1974) states C. pisis   is a Trinidad species, but although he based his book on the BMNH collection, there are no specimens of this species from Trinidad in the BMNH, and we assume this is an error for C. vesulus   .

Amazonian Region

Calycopis janeirica (C. Felder, [1863])  

New island record widespread and occasional in forested situations throughout the island ( Arima Valley, Chaguaramas, Heights   of Guanapo, Morne Catherine, Point Fortin, Quinam Bay, Mt Tamana   , etc.). This species has been referred to as C. cissusa (Hewitson)   in Trinidad usage, although there are no publications to this effect. It was reared by Duarte and Robbins (2009), who gave the reasons why the name C. janeirica   should be used.

Amazonian Region

Calycopis origo (Godman and Salvin, 1887)  

Calycopis origo (Godman and Salvin)   : Sookdeo (2013)

New island record, common and widespread in disturbed and forested situations throughout the island). Kaye (1921) and Barcant (1970) included this species under the name C. beon   . Robbins et al. (2012) noted that the name C. bactra   may have been misidentified by Field (1967a) and may be an older name than C. origo   for this species. Work on this taxonomic problem is in progress.

Transandean and Amazonian Region













Cock, Matthew J. W. & Robbins, Robert K. 2016

Strymon syllis (Godman and Salvin)

D'Abrera, B. 1995: 1238

Thecla cleon (Fabricius)

D'Abrera, B. 1995: 1234

Strymon nubes (H.H. Druce)

D'Abrera, B. 1995: 1237

Thecla petaurister H.H. Druce

D'Abrera, B. 1995: 1222

Thecla calus (Godart)

D'Abrera, B. 1995: 1220