Strymon, Hubner, 1818

Cock, Matthew J. W. & Robbins, Robert K., 2016, Annotated checklist and biogeographic composition of the Lycaenidae (Lepidoptera) of Trinidad, West Indies, Insecta Mundi 2016 (506), pp. 1-33: 14-15

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Strymon   section

Strymon albata (C. Felder and R. Felder, 1865)  

Thecla albata C. Felder and R. Felder   : Crowfoot (1893, no. 148), Longstaff (1912)

Tmolus albata (C. Felder and R. Felder)   : Kaye (1904, no. 144)

Callicista albata (C. Felder and R. Felder)   : Kaye (1921, no.211), Barcant (1970, no. 296), Lewis (1974, plate 66.18)

Thecla   (Callicista) albata (C. Felder and R. Felder)   : Cock (1981b), Cock (1984)

Strymon albata (C. Felder and R. Felder)   : D’Abrera (1995, p. 1240 –41), Geerah and Rutherford (2015)

Transandean Region

Strymon mulucha (Hewitson, 1867)  

Thecla mulucha (Hewitson)   : Crowfoot (1893, no. 145)

Callicista mulucha (Hewitson)   : Kaye (1904, no. 150), Kaye (1921, no. 207), Barcant (1970, no. 291)

Strymon mulucha (Hewitson)   : Beccaloni et al. (2008)

Transandean and Amazonian Region

Strymon cestri (Reakirt, [1867])  

Callicista cydia (Hewitson)   : Kaye (1914), Kaye (1921, no.209) [synonym]

Callicista faunalia (Hewitson)   : Kaye (1940, no. 210a), Barcant (1970, no. 292) [a synonym of S. astiocha   ; misidentification]

Kaye (1940) records a single specimen of C. faunalia   from ‘Las Lappas, 1500 ft. 27.i.1928 (Sir N Lamont)’. This specimen is in RSME   ; it is a female S. cestri   .

Barcant (1970) lists C. faunalia   but in his collection, he applied the name to a mixed series containing of S. bubastus   and S. cestri   .

Based on his collection, Barcant (1970, no. 294) misapplies the name C. cydia   to S. bazochii   .

Transandean and Amazonian Region

Strymon astiocha (Prittwitz, 1865)  

Thecla (Callicista) faunalia (Hewitson)   : Cock (1981b), Cock (1984) [synonym]

This species has only been found on Chacachacare Island by M.J.W. Cock (♂ Jan 1980; 3♂ Jan 1982) and S. Alston-Smith   .

Transandean and Amazonian Region

Strymon bazochii (Godart, [1824])  

Thecla thius (Geyer)   : Crowfoot (1893, no. 146) [synonym]

Callipsyche thius (Geyer)   : Kaye (1904, no. 137) [synonym]

Callicista thius (Geyer)   : Kaye (1921, no. 210), Barcant (1970, no. 295) [synonym]

Callicista cydia (Hewitson)   : Barcant (1970, no. 294) [misidentification]

Thecla (Callicista) bazochii Godart   : Cock (1981b)

Strymon bazochii (Godart)   : Geerah and Rutherford (2015)

Specimens in Barcant’s collection as this species are large individuals of S. bazochii   ; smaller specimens are treated as S. cydia   .

Transandean and Amazonian Region

Strymon sp.   nr. bazochii  

Strymon bazochii (Godart)   : Lewis (1974, plate 67.5)

The ♂ of this species has white sub-apical markings on the dorsal forewing, no blue dorsal hindwing cell (also differentiates ♀), and a pronounced white radial streak on the ventral hindwing. The male is illustrated by Lewis (1974, plate 67.28) as S. bazochii   . We are uncertain whether this South American phenotype represents a distinct species or a sympatric dimorphic form of S. bazochii   . In Trinidad, it has only been collected from Chacachacare Island (S. Alston-Smith), so we list it separately here.

Amazonian Region

Strymon bubastus (Stoll, 1780)  

Callipsyche bubastus (Stoll)   : Kaye (1914)

Thecla salona Hewitson   : Comstock (1914) [synonym]

Callicista bubastus (Stoll)   : Kaye (1921, no.208), Barcant (1970, no. 293), Cruttwell-McFadyen and Bennett (1995)

Thecla (Callicista) bubastus (Cramer)   : Cock (1981b)

Strymon bubastus (Stoll)   : Beccaloni et al. (2008), Geerah and Rutherford (2015)

Amazonian Region

Strymon serapio (Godman and Salvin, 1887)  

Tmolus azuba (Hewitson)   : Kaye (1914), Kaye (1921, no. 216) [misidentification]

Strymon echinita (Schaus)   : D’Abrera (1995, p. 1238 –1239) [misidentification]

Strymon originatus K. Johnson, Hernandez and Cock   : Johnson et al. (1997) TL [synonym]

Strymon serapio (Godman and Salvin)   : Robbins (2010b)

Kaye (1914, 1921) incorrectly treats S. serapio   as a synonym of T. azuba   , and there are single specimens of S. serapio   curated as T. azuba   in Sir Norman Lamont’s collections in RSME and UWIC. A pair of specimens in ABCT as T. azuba   ( Barcant 1970, no. 302) represent neither of these species, and are treated under the entries for Tmolus venustus   and Nicolaea fabulla   .

Transandean and Amazonian Region

Strymon megarus (Godart, [1824])  

Tmolus echion (Linnaeus)   : Kaye (1914), Kaye (1921, no.213), Harris (1927) [misidentification (see Kaye 1908)]

Tmolus basalides (Geyer)   : Barcant (1970, no. 298), Lewis (1974, plate 69.47) [misspelling of basilides   , a synonym]

Strymon basilides (Godart)   : D’Abrera (1995, p. 1239) [synonym]

Strymon megarus (Godart)   : Beccaloni et al. (2008), Robbins (2010b), Geerah and Rutherford (2015)

Kaye (1908, 1914, 1921) lists S. basilides   (misspelled as S. basalides   ) and S. ziba   as synonyms of T. echion   ; S. basilides   is a synonym of S. megarus   and S. ziba   is a similar valid species (Robbins 2010b), indicating that Kaye confused at least two different species of Strymon   under this name. Harris’ (1927) material reported as T. echion   is either or both S. megarus   and S. ziba (Robbins 2010b)   . Similarly, Barcant’s (1970) description matches this species, but his comments about variability suggest he lumped together S. megarus   and S. ziba   , and both species were curated together as S. basilides   in his collection.

Transandean and Amazonian Region

Strymon ziba (Hewitson, 1868)  

Thecla ziba (Hewitson)   : Crowfoot (1893, no. 139) [ Strymon megarus   likely to have been confused under this name]

Tmolus echion (Linnaeus)   : Kaye (1914), Kaye (1921, no.213), Harris (1927) [misidentification, see comments under S. megarus   ]

Tmolus basalides (Geyer)   : Barcant (1970, no. 298) [misspelling of T. basilides   ; misidentification, part]

Strymon ziba (Hewitson)   : Beccaloni et al. (2008), Robbins (2010b)

Transandean and Amazonian Region













Cock, Matthew J. W. & Robbins, Robert K. 2016

Strymon albata (C. Felder and R. Felder)

D'Abrera, B. 1995: 1240

Strymon echinita (Schaus)

D'Abrera, B. 1995: 1238

Strymon basilides (Godart)

D'Abrera, B. 1995: 1239