Coenosia argentipes ( Emden, 1940: 224 ),

Couri, Márcia & Pont, Adrian, 2016, Species of Coenosia Meigen (Diptera, Muscidae) described by Fritz van Emden from the British Museum Ruwenzori Expedition of 1934 – 1935, Zootaxa 4144 (4), pp. 529-555: 532

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Coenosia argentipes ( Emden, 1940: 224 )


Coenosia argentipes ( Emden, 1940: 224) 

( Figs 5–8View FIGURES 1 – 20; 53–55)

Holotype male seen ( Figs 5–8View FIGURES 1 – 20); left legs missing.

Diagnosis. General colour dark-brown; postpronotum grey dusted; frons velvety dark; face and parafacial strongly silver; mouth-margin slightly produced, forming a rounded prominence in dorso-frontal view ( Fig. 4View FIGURES 1 – 20 in Emden 1940: 93; Fig. 7View FIGURES 1 – 20); frons subparallel in its middle part, slightly diverging towards vertex (see note below), uniformly dusted; postpedicel about 1.8 times the length of pedicel and with pointed apex, inserted at about middle of eye; arista short-haired; palpus thin, brown, with extreme apex black; haltere yellow; scutellum with four strong setae and with setulae on disc; anterior katepisternal short, lower one about two-thirds of the length of the long posterior one; lower calypter about 1.8 times the length of the upper one; legs entirely black; hind femur and tibia of male with dense silvery pile on ventral surface; hind tibia with an anterior and an anterodorsal setae inserted at the same level, the anterodorsal a little shorter; submedian posterodorsal seta absent; sternite 5 as in Fig. 53View FIGURES 53 – 64.

Male terminalia. Cercal plate and surstylus as in Fig. 54View FIGURES 53 – 64. Aedeagal complex as in Fig. 55View FIGURES 53 – 64.

Notes. Included in the niveifrons  group. In the Emden’s group key ( Emden 1940: 159) one character to reach the niveifrons  group is: “Frons distinctly dilated from first frontal seta to vertex”, but in some species of the group, such as this one, the frons is only slightly dilated towards vertex. The species is easy to recognise by the peculiar produced mouth-margin. One paratype male was dissected and illustrated.














Coenosia argentipes ( Emden, 1940: 224 )

Couri, Márcia & Pont, Adrian 2016

Coenosia argentipes (

Emden 1940: 224