Anarsia incerta Ueda, 1997, Ueda, 1997

Bae, Yang-Seop, Shin, Young-Min, Na, Sol-Moon & Park, Kyu-Tek, 2016, The genus Anarsia in Cambodia and the Northern Vietnam (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae), with descriptions of ten new species and a catalogue of the genus in the Central-East Asia, Zootaxa 4061 (3), pp. 227-252: 231

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Anarsia incerta Ueda, 1997


4. Anarsia incerta Ueda, 1997  

( Figs. 4 View FIGURES 1 – 21 , 25 View FIGURES 22 – 40 , 44, 44 View FIGURES 44 – 47 a a)

Anarsia incerta Ueda, 1997: 80   ; Ponomarenko, 2009: 346. TL: Okinawa, Japan. The holotype in OPUJ.

Diagnosis. Adult ( Figs. 4 View FIGURES 1 – 21 , 25 View FIGURES 22 – 40 ): Wingspan, 10.5–11.0 mm. This species is superficially similar to A. isogona Meyrick   , but it can be distinguished by the male genitalia: valva with rounded distal margin, strongly curved process in the left valve and a small, gently curved process on the ventral margin of the right valva. The head is grayish white, speckled with brownish gray scales dorsally. The second segment of the labial palpus in male ( Fig. 25 View FIGURES 22 – 40 ) has a quadrate scale tuft ventrally, dark fuscous on outer surface, grayish white in upper 1 / 4, and creamy white on inner surface with brownish scales ventrally. The forewing ground color is creamy white to pale grayish white, with brownish scales scattered irregularly; the costal patch is large, subtriangular, dark fuscous, transversally reaching 3 / 5 towards dorsum with lower margin longer than half of the upper margin; and lack of a long hair pencil on the underside of the forewing. Female unknown.

Male genitalia ( Figs. 44, 44 View FIGURES 44 – 47 a a): Abdominal sternite VIII slightly concave on caudal margin. Uncus acute apically; socius lobes more or less triangular. Tegumen long, much more exceeding apices of valvae, broad basally, slightly convex beyond middle in lateral margin. Valva asymmetrical: left valva broad, more or less elliptical with rounded distal margin; zone of palmate scales occupying nearly distal 1 / 3 of valva; hook-shaped basal process strongly bent at basal 1 / 4, gradually narrowed to 3 / 4, then curved with acute apex; right valva longer and narrower than left one, broadened beyond 3 / 5, rounded apically, with slightly curved, slender process near base; zone of palmate scales occupying distal 1 / 3. Phallus slender, strongly curved, about 3 / 5 the length of tegumen, apex more or less blunt. Abdominal tergite with pocket-like membranous flap distally.

Material examined. VIETNAM: 2 ♂, Vinh Phuc Prov., Tam Dao Nat. Park, 26 iv 2006 (Park, Kim, & Kang), gen. slide no. CIS- 6411, - 6320.

Host plant. Schima   sp. ( Theaceae   ) ( Ueda, 1997).

Distribution. Vietnam (new record; Vinh Phuc Prov.), Japan (Ryukyus).














Anarsia incerta Ueda, 1997

Bae, Yang-Seop, Shin, Young-Min, Na, Sol-Moon & Park, Kyu-Tek 2016

Anarsia incerta

Ponomarenko 2009: 346
Ueda 1997: 80