Brachyphymus vylderi vylderi ( Stål, 1876 ), vylderi (Stal, 1876

Tshililo, Precious, 2020, Review of South African Euryphyminae, Zootaxa 4820 (1), pp. 70-104 : 83

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4820.1.4

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Brachyphymus vylderi vylderi ( Stål, 1876 )


Brachyphymus vylderi vylderi ( Stål, 1876)

Euryphymus vylderi Stål, 1876:31-58 ; Martínez y Fernández-Castillo, 1902:273.

Karasicola vylderi Johnston, 1956: 429 View in CoL .

Brachyphymus vylderi Dirsh 1956a:223 ; Dirsh 1956b:121–272, figs. 30.4–6; Dirsh, 1965. 266; Johnston, 1968: 198.

Type locality. Africa, Southern Africa , Namibia, Damaraland. No type examined .

Material. SOUTH AFRICA: South Africa , Northern Cape: 7m NW Kuruman (S27.3890, E23.3567) 09.ii.1959 coll. H.D. Brown— 2♂ ( SANC) GoogleMaps ; Gordonia District (S28.4291, E21.3445) 09.iv.1937 coll. C. du Plessis— 1♂, 1♀ ( SANC) GoogleMaps ; Hope Town (S29.6196, E24.0869) 14.iv.1917 — 1♂ ( SANC) GoogleMaps ; Leeufontein, Luckhoff (S29.7940, E25.0065) iii.1929 coll. S. J.S. Marais— 1♀ ( SANC) GoogleMaps ; Lower Swart Modder , 30 mi NNE Pofadder (S28.8232, E19.7231) 07.iii.1969 coll. H.D. Brown— 1♀ ( SANC) GoogleMaps ; Petrusville (S29.1159, E25.4143) 13.v.1975 coll. C.P. Lounsberg and J.C. Faure— 1♂ ( SANC) GoogleMaps ; Putzonderwater (S29.2348, E21.8731) 18.v.1958 coll. G. van Son— 1♀ ( SANC) GoogleMaps ; Northern Cape: Soebatsfontein (S30.1184, E17.5923) 13.xi.1933 coll. G. van Son— 1♂, 1♀ ( SANC) GoogleMaps ; Twee Rivieren, S. Kalahari, Auob River (S26.4730, E20.5779) 11.ii.1958 coll. G. van Son— 9♀, 2♂ ( SANC) GoogleMaps ; Van Rhyn’s Pass (S31.3831, E19.0215) 04.xi.1933 coll. G. van Son— 2 ♂, 6♀ ( SANC) GoogleMaps .

Distribution. Previously recorded from Namibia ( Dirsh 1956b, 1965; Naskrecki 1995), Botswana ( Dirsh 1956b; Johnsen 1990), and South Africa ( Dirsh 1956b, 1965).

Remarks. Uvarov (1922) erected this genus which is closely related to Euryphymus on the basis of its prosternal tubercle shape and shape of male cercus. Dirsh (1956b) assigned a new species B. basuto to this genus but admitted that it differs significantly from species vylderi Stål 1976 , but kept it in this genus until the revision of the whole subfamily. However, the species in question is not distributed in South Africa, so we did not review it.

There were specimens in the SANC collections record as B. nr. vylderi which resembles B. vylderi ( Stål 1876) . The two share a distribution however I suggest that B. nr. vylderi is most likely a unique species. The two specimens differ in shape of male cercus and prosternal process, however more investigation is still needed in order to assign B. nr. vylderi as a new specie s. B. vylderi vylderi ( Stål 1876) seems to be a complex species. Therefore, the taxonomic status of this genus is not satisfactory and may be in need of revision.


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Brachyphymus vylderi vylderi ( Stål, 1876 )

Tshililo, Precious 2020

Brachyphymus vylderi

Johnston, H. B. 1968: 198

Karasicola vylderi

Johnston, H. B. 1956: 429
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