Mickelomyrme pusillaeformis ( Hammer, 1962 ) Williams & Lelej & Okayasu & Borkent & Malee & Thoawan & Thaochan, 2019

Williams, Kevin A., Lelej, Arkady S., Okayasu, Juriya, Borkent, Christopher J., Malee, Rufeah, Thoawan, Kodeeyah & Thaochan, Narit, 2019, The female velvet ants (aka modkhong) of southern Thailand (Hymenoptera: Mutillidae), with a key to the genera of southeast Asia, Zootaxa 4602 (1), pp. 1-69 : 19-20

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https://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.2669927

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Mickelomyrme pusillaeformis ( Hammer, 1962 )

comb. nov.

9c. Mickelomyrme pusillaeformis ( Hammer, 1962) , comb. nov.

( Figs 84, 85 View FIGURES 77–85 )

Smicromyrme pusillaeformis Hammer 1962: 34 , ♀; Lelej 2005: 63, ♀.

Smicromyrme (Nemka) hageni: Lelej & Yamane 1992: 631 , ♂, ♀, part.

Mickelomyrme yunnanensis Lelej 1996a: 280 , ♂, ♀, holotype ♂; syn. nov.; Okayasu et al. 2018: 308, ♀.

Diagnosis. FEMALE. This species has the vertex clothed mostly with silver or golden setae; the scape and legs largely reddened; the mesonotum without anterolateral patches of white setae, the T2 disc with three horizontally aligned silver to golden setal spots; the apical margin of T2 with an apical whitish setal band; the T2 felt line with silver to golden setae; T4 with the setae mostly black; and the pygidium elongate ovate with moderately-spaced striae and the apex smooth. Body length 3.5–6.5 mm. MALE. See Lelej (1996a), as M. yunnanensis .

Material examined (95 ♀). LAOS, Attapeu Province, Thong Kai Ohk, Ban Kachung environs, 1200–1450 m, 15 o 0 1'N 107 o 26'E, 10–24.VI.2011, M. Brancucci, M. Geiser, D. Hauck, Z. Kraus, A. Phantala, and E. Vongphachan (4♀ RHMB) GoogleMaps ; Bolikhamsay Province, Ban Phone Kham environs, 200–300 m, 18 o 19'N 104 o 0 8'E, 23–29.V.2011, M. Brancucci, M. Geiser, D. Hauck, Z. Kraus, A. Phantala, and E. Vongphachan (2♀ RHMB) GoogleMaps . THAILAND: Chaiyaphum, Tat Tone National Park , near stream, 15 o 58.771'N 102 o 2.397'E, 305 m, 19–26.VII.2006, T. Jarupham and O. Budsawong, T224 (1♀ QSBG) GoogleMaps ; Chiang Mai, Omkoi District, Dry dipterocarp forest, 17°50′49.9″N 98°22′33.0″, 950–1010 m alt.: 19.VI.2017, R. Mizuno (2♀ EUM) GoogleMaps ; VI.2017, R. Mizuno (1♀ EUM) GoogleMaps ; Lampang, Chae Son National Park , nursery, 18 o 49.851'N 99 o 28.122'E, 485 m, 1–7.XI.2007, B. Kwunnui and A. Sukpeng, T2818 (1♀ QSBG) GoogleMaps ; Kanchanaburi, Thong Pha Phum, Vimarndin farm stay, 14.655 o N 98.521 o E, 200 m, 17–20.V.2018, MKT (4♀ CSCA) GoogleMaps ; Krabi: 12.4 km NNW Krabi, Oil palm farm, 8.193 o N 98.876 o E, 50 m: 1.IV.2017, MKT (3♀ CSCA) GoogleMaps ; 3.IV.2017, MKT (11♀ CSCA) GoogleMaps ; 14 km NNE Krabi, Phnom Bencha Mountain Resort, 8.208 o N 98.937 o E, 80 m, 2.IV.2017, MKT (4♀ CSCA EMUS) GoogleMaps ; Phatthalung, 2.4 km S Ban Na, Farm, 7.543 o N 99.883 o E, 50 m: 5.IV.2017, MKT (1♀ CSCA) GoogleMaps ; 10.IV.2017, MKT (4♀ CSCA) GoogleMaps ; Phetchaburi, Kaeng Krachan, Baan Maka Nature Lodge, 12.840 o N 99.590 o E, 140 m, 22–23.V.2018, MKT (1♀ CSCA) GoogleMaps ; Songkhla, Hat Yai, Prince of Songkhla University, forest edge, 7.008 o N 100.508 o E, 40 m, 11–12.IV.2017, MKT (53♀ CSCA MIUP PSUC QSBG) GoogleMaps ; Surat Thani, Khlong Sok, Khao Sok Jungle Huts, 8.909 o N 99.526 o E, 70 m: 14.V.2018, MKT (2♀ CSCA) GoogleMaps ; 25–26.V.2018, MKT (2♀ CSCA) GoogleMaps ; Trang, Trang (1♀ EUM). GoogleMaps VIETNAM: Dong Nai, Cat Tien National Park , bird trail, 100 m, 15–20.V.2007, Malaise trap, C.v. Achterberg and R. de Vries (1♀ RMNH).

Distribution. China (Yunnan), Laos, Myanmar, Thailand (Chaiyaphum, Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi, Krabi, Lampang, Phatthalung, Songkhla, Surat Thani, Trang), Vietnam (Dong Nai)*.

Remarks. Mickelomyrme yunnanensis was one of the most commonly encountered mutillids in Southeast Asia; we examined nearly 100 ♀ from China, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. We could not find any significant differences between the description of M. pusillaeformis by Hammer and that of M. yunnanensis by Lelej. The type locality of M. pusillaeformis “Mergui , Myanmar ”, is geographically close to many localities where M. yunnanensis females were collected. We therefore consider M. yunnanensis as a junior synonym of M. pusillaeformis , comb. nov.

Although the authors previously thought this species belonged to Mickelomyrme, it was maintained as Smicromyrme pusillaeformis in Okayasu et al. (2018) , because that was not the appropriate forum for publishing the new synonymy and combination.


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Frost Entomological Museum, Penn State University


National Museum of Natural History, Naturalis














Mickelomyrme pusillaeformis ( Hammer, 1962 )

Williams, Kevin A., Lelej, Arkady S., Okayasu, Juriya, Borkent, Christopher J., Malee, Rufeah, Thoawan, Kodeeyah & Thaochan, Narit 2019

Smicromyrme (Nemka) hageni:

Lelej, A. S. & Yamane, Sk. 1992: 631

Smicromyrme pusillaeformis

Lelej, A. S. 2005: 63
Hammer, K. 1962: 34
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