Agrilus politus (Say)

Hespenheide, Henry A., Westcott, Richard L. & Bellamy, Charles L., 2011, Agrilus Curtis (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) of the Baja California peninsula, México, Zootaxa 2805, pp. 36-56: 50

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Agrilus politus (Say)


Agrilus politus (Say)   1825

(Figs. 37–38)

BCN, 2.2 mi S El Topo; Sierra Juárez, 3 mi N La Huerta, and 5.7 mi N Rosa del Castilla; Sa. San Pedro Mártir, 0.2 mi SE Rcho. El Burro, 1280 m, 26 -VI- 83, R. L. Westcott, on Salix   sp. ( RLWE), Las Encinas, 13 -VII- 80, Brown & Faulkner ( SDMC); and Oak Pasture, 12 -VII- 61, E.L. Sleeper ( DSVC). Elsewhere in Mexico A. politus   is known only from Sonora and Guanajuato. It is the most widely ranging and variable species in North America, as discussed by Fisher (1928). It is known from Alaska, across Canada, and probably occurs in all the lower 48 states. Adults are commonly collected on various willows ( Salix   spp., Salicaceae   ), which serve as larval hosts. It has also been reared from two species of maple ( Acer   spp., Aceraceae   ).

Agrilus quadriguttatus niveiventris Horn 1891   (Figs. 23–24)

In Baja California, this subspecies is known only from BCN. Horn (1894) reported it from [Sierra?] San Pedro Mártir, and Van Dyke (1942) added Hamilton Ranch. We have examined other specimens from the former area at and near Mike’s Sky Ranch, Meling Ranch, Arroyo Potrero and Rcho. El Burro; from the Sierra Juárez near El Compadre, Laguna Hanson and San José del Castillo; and from the following localities: 18.5 km E Maneadero; Río San Antonio, 13.6 mi S Rcho. Martina; and Ensenada, at elevations ranging from near sea level to about 1680 meters, and collected during June and July. All specimens with host data indicate they were collected on willows, Salix   spp. Elsewhere this subspecies is recorded only from Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah; larval and adult hosts are species of Salix   .


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