Acylophorus salifi, Lott, 2010

Janák, Jiří, 2018, Revision of the genus Acylophorus Nordmann, 1837 from Madagascar and Mascarene Islands (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Staphylininae: Acylophorina), Zootaxa 4462 (2), pp. 151-191: 167

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Acylophorus salifi


A. salifi   group ( Lott 2010)

Diagnosis. Disc of pronotum glabrous except for a pair of setae; pubescence on head restricted to small area behind eyes; apex of styles at tip of abdomen covered by bristles and more or less invisible ( Fig. 30 View FIGURES 22–30 in Lott 2010). Pronotum shining, either without microsculpture or, much more rarely, with scattered and sparse micro-punctures. Only last segment of maxillary palpi pubescent, penultimate segment glabrous ( Figs. 51–69 View FIGURES 46–51 View FIGURES 52–60 View FIGURES 61–66 View FIGURES 67–73 in Lott 2010); two pairs of interocular setae present on head. Head smaller, pronotum 1.9x or more wider than head ( Figs. 18–20 View FIGURES 18–21 in Lott 2010); ventral depression at base of head shallow (Fig. 108 in Lott 2010); pubescence behind eyes sparser and less extensive; genae expanded forward in front of eyes. No pigmented area beyond antennal insertion. Metatarsi with four first segments with long terminal setae, last segment with short empodial setae ( Figs. 87, 88 View FIGURES 87–90 ).

The group contains 4 species from sub-Saharan continental Africa, four following species from Madagascar and one species from Mauritius (Mascarene Islands).